Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Dear Family,
I love all your letters so much!!! They're great!  I got Crew's letter last week after I got back to the flat after emailing and it just made my day so much better!! I love you Crew-Beans!  Hearing about all the miracles and great stories just makes me so happy.
This week has been.....i dont know. It rained LOADS on Wednesday. I have a picture of it I'll send you.  My jacket is working fine, btw. (you'll see).
I haven't told you guys much about President Millar so I will now. He's is the best, hands down. He is the oldest mission president out right now. I'm pretty sure hes 73? He got special permission from I think it was Elder Nelson to be a mission president.
His rules are pretty simple.  He puts a lot of trust in all his missionaries, but, so would I, because I haven't met a waster missionary, yet.  He knows we'll all choose the right.  As for blogs and stuff like that, he doesn't mind at all.  Again, he lets his missionaries, for the most part, decide the limits.  He is truly an amazing man and an inspired one at that.  And Sister Millar is super great, too.
We've been struggling to find new investigators and the ones we have right now are moving along slowly. I could see at least two getting baptized soon, though.  One of them, Louis, just needs to find his answer if the Book of Mormon is true and he'll completely change his life.
I starting to forget what life was like back home in America, haha.  But I'm telling you all right now, I don't think I'll ever ever ever get a British accent.  There are like a million different accents, so if anyone ever asks me to talk with an accent when I get home, I'll just ask them which one?  So, no British accent.
I found the coolest thing ever last Monday.  We wandered into a charity shop and I totally found a '09 Glasgow Ranger football (soccer) jersey for 3.50 quid!!!  So, I finally have a European jersey and its super sweet.

Mom, I like what you said, praying for people by name is really the way to go. I do it every single night, and it works.
Thanks again for the emails and letters. I love you all.
Elder Glasgow
Aw, dang
Hello, ZL's?  I need some more Books of Mormon.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,
its sounds like all you guys had a blast at cedar and courtneys wedding and in idaho. haha, cedar has one classy suit. I'll oneup him when i get home. speaking of suits, i can get a really nice one for about the equivent of 100-120 bucks? yeah, sweet. and cash would be nice. im actually gonna go shopping today. they have some cool stuff here.
Its crazy to think i have a new sister in law that i dont even know!!! our family just gets bigger and bigger. next thing you know ill be home getting hitched too! I have to say the mission is going by scary fast. like im terrified. this is week two of transfer two right now and it feel like i got here last week. its crazy.
just this weekend we had stake conference (i dunno why we had it so close to conference) so ive seen like maybe a dozen members of the ward in the past two weeks. but stake conference was great. Elder erickson and i even sang in the chior. we sang ''savior redeemer of my soul'' it might just be my new favorite song ever.
the talks were great too. our stake president is amazing. his name is mark gilmoor and i could see him becoming a general authority in his lifetime. hes only like 30 right now. but the conference was all about rejoicing and sharing the gospel cuz that makes us rejoice!! President millar even got to talk. he talked about jacob chapter 5. yes, i know its super long but its is probably one of the most important scriptures of my mission. as you know, the allagory talks of the lords vineyard and of an olive tree. since the beginning of time, the lords servants have always asked for more time. but its not until the last time they work in the vineyard does the lord call for more servants. starting in about verse 65ish? but these days that we live in are that time jacob is talking about! like president monson said ''now is the time for members and missionarys to come together, to work together to bring souls unto him'' and along with that, guess whos working with us??? i beleive it is v. 75? but the Lord is!!! the lord is working with his servants, though they be few, there are more than ever. now is the time.
i get all excited about this kind of stuff now. aaaallll the time.
but keep up the good work at home. my comp said this awhile ago: ''baptisms will come when members help out. Baptisms might come if they dont.'' i dont know about you guys but i like will. not might.
anyway, i love all your letters and you will be all getting a sentimental hand written letter for christmas and maybe some cool british stuff.
stay classy and keep going.
elder glasgow