Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015 LAST ONE

Dear Family,

I may as well fill you in on my week so we can get to more pressing matters when I get home. 

We've had some really good teaches with Amanda and Collin and Yvette. We had Colling download the LDS Pamphlet app on his tablet and went through the Plan of Salvation. It was pretty funny. He kept asking all these questions and our response was always, ''just wait a slide or two, your answer is coming up.'' We're hoping he's going to read them all. 

We taught Yvette about the Word of Wisdom. She took is really well and a lot of what we said was backed up in Gospel Principles, even though the lesson was on The Lords Covenant People. Yvette will come around shortly, though. We also got to help Val Hawkins move some stuff to a storage unit with Bishop. It was good to build our relationship with him. We had a fun talk about Tithing. 

So tomorrow at 3 o'clock in the morning Elder Bethers and I will be picked up by the Helston Elders to go to the London Temple. This includes Elder Douglas, who is finishing his mission, too. Then we'll pick up Elder Jackman, my MTC District Leader, who is also finishing his mission. So, Elder Bethers will have to endure 7 hours with 3 dying missionaries. Poor him. Hahaha. 

The ward has been taking care of me here in St. Austell. I'll miss them a lot. It's like I have 7 families now. *6 here in England and one back home. 

I will not deny anyone wanting to come see me at the airport. The more the merrier! 

See you all Wednesday!


Elder Glasgow

*Cannon served in the following areas.

Isle Of Wight, Aug 2013 - Feb, 2014
Oxford, Feb - Aug 2014
Welling - London, Aug - Dec 2014
Sutton - London, Dec 2014 - Apr 2015
Newton Abbot, Apr - May 2015
St. Austell, May - Jul 2015

He reports his Mission in the Windsor Ward
July 26, 2015
532 S. Greenfield Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85206

Open House that night
3732 E. Clovis Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85206

Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

Dear Everyone,

I don't have loads of time to email everyone so I'm just replying to you all. Today is my very last p-day. Sad, isn't it? But hey, it was bound to happen. Today we are in Plymouth, which is nice because now I can spend it with more people than just my comp. 

Last week was pretty good. We dropped John. He wasn't commiting and just kept making excuses. It'll give us more time to find the elect. 

I'm doing alright. Everyone always has to ask how I feel about going home. It's almost as bad as when I moved into a new area and everyone found out my last name is Glasgow. 

But for you who don't know, my homecoming talk is on the 26th, my first Sunday back home. I'll be giving a discourse on the Sanctifying Power of the Spirit. For those who can make it it's much appreciated. For those who can't, I forgive you and still love you. And I'll be seeing you soon enough. 

Oh, so I had my exit interview the other day so I will have one more email session next week. That was really weird. But President Gubler gave me some really good advice that should prepare me for coming home. 

I'll quickly try to send off a few more personal notes with the remainder of the time I have left.


Elder Cannon Glasgow

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

Dear Family,

Happy Fourth of July! I can't say it was the greatest one in my life but it was pretty good. We made a few jokes with some members about some choice verses in the Book of Mormon about it all. All in good fun of course. They laughed. We also had a bit of extra food money sitting around so we bought some steak and baked some potatoes with some sour cream to top it all off. Pretty good stuff. and Elder Bethers made some very delicious brownies. And we watched some fire works.... from Elder Bethers' camera, so like I said, it wasn't the best but we did alright.  We made (colored) a flag and listened to some Patriotic MoTab aaalllll day. 

To change courses rather drastically, it would be super great if I could get released ASAP and then go to Chipotle. Some other choice few restaurants will have to wait until Thursday. And golfing and fishing will also need to happen, ASAP.

I always loved those holiday pool parties at Aunt Michelle's. Good times. Thanks for the pix and video clips.  My, everyone is growing up.

I've been doing lots of studies in the scriptures and general conference talks about coming home. It's been very interesting. I'll have to do my best to be a Returned Missionary soon. I won't be returning to my former life, but really starting a new one - a new creature in Christ. It's probably going to be pretty hard, but hey, I've been doing loads of really hard stuff the past 2 years!

We had the chance this week to meet our new Mission President, President Gubler. His smile is contagious. He is going to lead this mission to great success. He talked a lot about the Pre-existence and who we were and are. We came to the conclusion that we were foreordained to serve in the England London South Mission, and we are part of the Great and Noble Ones, alongside Abraham. It was a very spiritual experience, one I won't forget. It gave me loads to think about, too. 

Our investigators are doing good. If you can pray for John Saunders, that would be great. When he comes to church he progresses, and will be baptized - it's just getting him there. He suffers from depression and some other health problems. And Yvette... We'll be extending a baptismal date to her on Thursday - fingers crossed. She's progressing so well I don't see anything too big getting in the way. Amanda and Collin are also coming along alright. Amanda would have been to church on Sunday but was sick. Harry was there, as well. We think the Quakers might be telling him some stuff about the church. But that's nothing too big we can't handle, either. We also had a new guy come to church Sunday. He is a work associate and friend of one of the members whom is from the Netherlands. Really nice, smart guy. We'll be having dinner with him and the members on Sunday

I'm going to be perfectly honest right now. England holds a massive place in my heart and it's going to be so hard to leave. Whenever we travel around and I notice all of the rolling hills and beautiful beaches, my heart kind of aches because I know I won't be around for much longer. This truly is a magical place. But I'm so excited to see you all at the same time. It's going to be really bittersweet for me. 

Anyway, next week is probably going to be my last time emailing, unless I get a bit of time at the Temple. 

I love all you guys! 

Elder Glasgow

Truro Cathedral

Castle at Penzance

Happy Independence Day from England!