Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Dear Family,

Thank you soo much for your letters this week. I'm so glad to hear mom is doing alright and gave such a wonderful talk at Stake Conference. That kind of makes me proud. haha. 

Well well well another week gone by so fast! This week we had lots of meetings and just stuff to do, it being the first full week of the Transfer. I had to go down to Crawley for a District Leader Conf., and then had a District Meeting (it was really good. we set some goals that should push us). We had an exchange with the Zone Leaders, and even attended a funeral. Good week for us, though. 

We picked up a new investigator. His name is Howard. He was taught about 2 years ago and is a really solid guy. We stopped by his house while I was on exchange. He really just wants to follow Christ and that's about it. He struggles with depression, though, and it highly affects his sleeping patterns, but the gospel will help him so much. I'm really excited to teach him. 

The Europe Area also has a new area plan that we are implementing. Its really nice and easy to use. It's all about bringing a friend, becoming self-reliant and doing Family History. Speaking of which, could you guys do me a favor???  So you know about those My Family Booklets? If you don't I would highly suggest looking into it. Could you guys send me some photos of all the people that would be in mine? So, like 3 generations back? Something like that. It would really really be helpful.

And speaking of mail, I haven't gotten your letter mom... But i did get Brittnee's and Grandma Glasgow's! Thank you! You will both be getting a reply soon. 

Jace (Hancock) is home!!! Aw, man, its going to be so cool to be around all the RM's of Windsor Ward when I get back. I miss all those guys. Funny that next month I will be the oldest missionary in the ward, after Kevin (Hancock) gets home.

That's all I can really remember about this week. I'm doing good. Finally getting over my cold. Elder Pulman might have caught it though..... But i'm good. Don't you guys worry about me!


Elder Glasgow

February 16, 2015

Dear Family,

Thank you sooo much for the letters this week. I really do enjoy all of them. 

I think to start this letter I'll answer some questions. 

Dad. This week has been really quick. I had to be in a tri for half the week with Elder Johnson waiting for this new comp, Elder Hafen. We didn't really get much work done.... It's hard to work in a tri. The rest of the week was taken up by Service Projects; a girl being baptized in the ward, teaching some less actives and looking for new investigators. Oh, and I have to prepare a 15 minute presentation for District Leader Conf. about how to have an effective exchange. Yay. I've now been in London the past 8 months or so. I think I have one more Area in me and then I'll be home. I really hope I get sent off to Plymouth. Somewhere West. Here in my Area there is little to no really cool places, just some Woods and High Streets. General England stuff. All the cool stuff is a 20 minute train ride north and we need Presidents permission to go up there. I have no idea where the Tower of London is anyway.... so yeah. The new shoes are wonderful. And this week I'll be asking one of my favorite members where I can get your French Rugby Team shirt because I've been looking around and can't find one... but I wont loose hope! And I LOVE regular mail. The thing is I only get mail every six weeks at Transfers.... so i'll be getting the next bunch on Wednesday at DLC. 

Mom. I'm going to be honest..... Ward council's here aren't the best in the world. There's usually an Auxiliary leader who is our saving grace. For example, here in the Epsom Ward it is Bro Leppard, the Ward Mission Leader. Or should I say was because he was just released this Sunday. Funny thing - the new Ward Mission Leader was my companion's, Elder Pulman's, Young Mens Advisor back in Myther Tydfil! He's really Welsh, he is. I would suggest for your upcoming Stake Conference talk looking at the program that Elder Packer....or is it Elder Ballard put together about the Ward Mission Process. I'll send a little attachment about it. It's all about the Full Time missionaries and the Ward Council working together to help both investigators and Less Active's. Maybe you could talk to the WML and get some ideas from him? Also, I don't need a guitar anymore. The Epsom Missionaries loaned me their guitar. 

Brittnee. I'm doing good this week. My comp is getting better and better all the time. Since I've been called as a District Leader again he really wants to try his best to help me. He's a really great guy. I love him a lot. I would suggest continuing to study Preach my Gospel and stay with the basics. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. 

Cool thing happened! There's a member in the ward who has owls and we got to see them all! It was sooo cool. Pictures attached. 

I love all you guys. Nothing much more to report. Most of what happened this week is reported above. 

I love you guys! Wish me luck with interviews and DLC, and my First District meeting in 7 weeks.


Elder Glasgow

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Dear Family,

Well, I am finally far enough along in my mission that the Sister missionaries who came out with me are going home this week.... It's kind of scary to think about. In other news, Elder Wessman is leaving to Peckham and I've been made District Leader again! It looks like I'll only have a single Transfer, as all my Senior comps were DL's, where I don't go to a District Leader Council my whole mission. I'm excited, though. I think it's going to help my comp a lot. We've become really good friends and he's wants to help me as much as he can in my calling. So I look forward to the coming Transfer. 

I think that really one of the best things that could help Elder Pulman is to get a baptism with him.... We have one pretty good prospect right now. Her name is Mellany. I've told you guys about her, right? We had a wonderful teach with her on Thursday. She really enjoyed it. She was asking us all the Do's and Don'ts of the church and she has a strong desire to follow them. She's just great. We've also been able to find some good prospects, and nail down some visits with Less-Active's this week. 

On Saturday we had a Service Project with a part member family in the ward. Well, I say part member, it's more  a Less-Active Sister, and her non-member boyfriend, Paul. We went over and painted her house and got to know both of them a lot better. That is really where Elder Pulman shines, Service Projects. Great Stuff. But Paul came to church on Sunday! It was really great. 

Dad, Elder Pulman is Welsh, not English. Well, he was born in Reading but grew up in Wales. His mum didn't like the Welsh accent too much so that's why he sounds kinda English. But when he gets frustrated or excited the Welsh really pops out. It's pretty funny haha. Also, Dad, I think you should do Tonto Gorge again, for the Priest Quorum Super Activity. Just don't put Chase through what you put me through, okay?

*note to reader: the missionary dad went with Elder Glasgow on the Windsor Ward Priest Quorum Super Activity in 2013, Tonto Gorge hike for 4 days, just before Elder Glasgow went on his mission. Day 3, missionary dad had a little mishap and separated his left shoulder - bad.  Shoulder popped back into place by caring and deft Priest Quorum Advisor, Aaron Blaylock, and experienced shoulder separatist, and Priest Quorum member, Daylen Blau.  Elder Glasgow, recently conferred Melchizedek Priesthood holder, administered to his dad, using and magnifying his Priesthood for the first time. It was a sweet experience, despite the circumstance.  All turned out well, though.  Missionary dad was a trooper and is still alive today.  Missionary dad not afraid of Tonto Gorge, though!  

Mum, thanks for the scripture. (I Nephi 1:20) I really like that one, too. The other week I listened to a talk by Brad Wilcox. I would encourage you to look it up. It's called, "His Grace is Sufficient". Also look up "Lessons Learned From A Child". Great talks. He definitely helped me understand Grace a lot.

This week I'll be in a Tri for a few days, because Elder Wessman is leaving, but I like Elder Johnson a lot. He's a good guy. I just struggle to work in a Tri is all. But we'll have fun. 

I wrote Crew a letter and sent it off today! 

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you! 

And I love everyone else, too. Don't worry about me.

Elder Glasgow

Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for the letters this week. They always help me a lot through the week. 

It's so exciting to hear how the missionary work is going back in AZ. It seems like the whole Stake just exploded the second I left! How many recent converts are there since I've been gone? like 8? I don't remember there being many baptisms for the 11 years I was there. 

Could you guys get me Porter's email? I would like to send him a quick note. (Cannon and Porter are High School friends. Elder Porter McLawses mother passed away suddenly last week.  The McLawses are great family friends.  Elder McLaws is serving a mission in Australia. fyi)

This week has been alright for us. It dumped snow on Saturday. Kind of put a little bit of a stand-still on missionary work but luckily we had Correlation that day at Brother Leppard's, so lunch and travel and the meeting took up a fair bit of the day. The snow only lasted the day, though. It was all melted and gross by Sunday. It was sooooo cold on Sunday, too. Just bitter. 

Our investigators are doing alright. Sometimes it can be a struggle when they are all single women and we can't find a member to come out with us all the time, but, hey ho, we get past it. No big deal. There's not really much to report this week for them anyway. 

Some of the less-actives we work with are lots of fun, though. We have a whole crew of them that all hang out together that we work with. They all have slight mental disabilities/challenges. They're all a laugh, though. I love working with them. They progress slowly but that is expected. 

Elder Pulman and I are doing alright. Elder Pulman is doing lots better. He still gets frustrated sometimes and whatnot and we take breaks every once in a while but he's slowly opening his mouth more. I think he's happier, too. Today we're going to go on an adventure in the woods so that should cheer him up quite a bit. 

​Oh, so I leave here Aug 5. Aww, you made me say it. Its official. Just so you know. I'll be home for Cedar's Graduation.

Also, did you catch my question about that guitar? 

I think the Patriots have won too many Superbowls.....

Oh Dad, so I know how much of a shoe guy you are so I sent a couple pics of my new rides, so you could admire from a distance. (Yes, Dad wants)

Anywho. I love you guys so much. Thanks for everything.

Elder Glasgow

English Traction Control


Comp needs to get my back!  Me, Elder Pulman, Elder Wessman.