Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Dear Family,

I got to say... I'm impressed right now.  I got an email from pretty much everyone this week, even Grandma Glasgow!  Thanks Grandma.  Chase, it is the best two years.  No doubt about that. 

Wait, so did you fix my car?  I thought she died!  And Dad, I'm super jelly right now.  Is your truck a manual or automatic? 

All of your guys letters were great.  I wish I could reply to all of you but sadly I don't really have the time.... I am sending loads of pictures this week however, so be excited. 

Me and Elder Aichele got a phone call from president on Sunday.  He's moving!  I'm losing my Chilean!  And I only had him for 6 weeks.  My new comp is Elder Cooper, probably from Utah.  I hear he's a good guy. 

This week me and Elder Day are planning on going to the Ashmolean as well because we don't have to go anywhere Wednesday so it acts as our p-day!  I'm excited!  The Ashmolean is a super cool museum that isn't open on Mondays. 

As for our investigators, Izzy is being difficult.  She got a full time job and is really busy.  Suman accepted a baptismal date!  But he is also working full-time.  Other than that there's just a couple people we are trying to work with.  It's been tough because Elder Aichele has been sick and things just always get in the way.  But I think once my new comp gets settled it will all be wheat. 

So, it seems like so much has changed since I left.  Thanks for the day count-down, Dad.  I'm just going to tell people after I hit my year mark that I've been out ''a little more that a year'', until I go home.  But I do agree with you Pops - the mission is the most wonderful thing in the world.  But sometimes I just want all the experience and stuff right now.  I want that Return Missionary status right now.  But that will come.  I have to earn it all.  But that's okay.  Mission life is pretty great.

Serena sent me a little leaflet of the Gilbert Temple.  I want to go there so bad!  I miss the Temple. 

Aubs - I'm so happy for you.  Keep it up. 
Chase - tear it up.  Are you still living in my shadow?  You better not be.
Cedar - thanks.  Enjoy Mesa for me.
Brighten - you're the best even though you haven't written me much.  Your letters are quality and I know you'll be blessed so much as you help the missionaries out.  Just imagine them as me. 
Crewbeans - no letter from you, huh?  Did you like my letter I sent in the mail?  How is school going?

I have the greatest family ever.  Thanks, you guys.  Don't miss me too much.  2 years isn't that long.  Enjoy your week.  Look for opportunities to share the gospel with everyone. 

Love, Elder Glasgow

Pix are from Christ Church visit last week, and the Oxford District

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 10, 2014

Dear Family,

I just have the biggest smile on my face after reading all of your wonderful emails. and Brittnee, I agree. Thanks

Well, you're probably wondering why I am emailing so late in the afternoon.  It's because we went on a tour of the one and only Christ Church!  It's the place where most of the Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland sets were inspired. It was so cool. Our Bishop is the head porter there so he took us to all these cool places that no one else gets to see!  Sadly, you guys won't get the pictures until next week.  I didn't have time to copy them to my usb drive.... but it will be legendary!

This week was.... okay. Elder Aichele was still pretty sick this week so we only got to work a little bit on the weekend, then we went to church.  We have a grand total of 4 investigators because we had to drop a few last week.  They just weren't committing.  But, if you guys can pray for Izzy to get an answer about the Book of Mormon, that would be great. 

Last Friday I watched the video of the Gilbert Temple being dedicated.  It was so weird!!!!  I would have loved to be there. 

Funny thing about temples, I was sitting with all of my district at this little Italian place eating a sandwich after going to Christ Church and this guy walks up to us and is like, ''hello Elders and Sisters!"  So we get to talking to him, and his name is Brad Houston.  He's only the Lead Designer and Architect of all the temples all over the world!!!  He was really nice and talked about the temple that they are starting in Concepcion, Chile and how beautiful it is and how the Pheonix temple is almost ready!  I totally forgot they were building one there!

Mom, about the atonement... watch Elder Bednar's talk, "The Enabling Power of the Atonement".  So many of us only see how the atonement fixes things, which is does, no doubt about that.  But, it also enables us.  We realize the Lord has already gone through our challenge and He knows what it is like.  He knows exactly how to help us.  I believe it's Alma 7:11-15ish.  He helps us do things that we can't do by ourselves.  He helps me be a better missionary every day because I know He has felt the fear that I feel.  He over came it so, so can I.  And so many people just have no idea of that and that's why I need to share it with everyone!

The other day I had a little vision myself.  I was on the bus.  I can remember I was feeling pretty gutted about something, and feeling low.  But while I sat there praying; I don't know if I imagined this, or what, but I heard footsteps coming up the stairs of the bus and a man sat down beside me.  I could feel him put his arm around me and that's when I realized it was the Saviour.  We had a little chat about how I was feeling and afterward the burdens and weight I was feeling were just gone.  They vanished.  I felt invigorated.  I felt alive.  I felt like I needed to go tell everyone how great Jesus Christ is!  He not only fixed me, but he enabled me to go and be strong and to work and to work hard.

I wrote Chase and Crew a letter and sent it a few days ago so it should be getting there pretty soon. I hope it helps. 

Oh!  There's a guy here from Mesa!  He was in the Fairfield Ward.  His name is Ben Shurtz.  He said he knew Rodney's sister, Jordan, and the Biggs family.  Haha, it was so fun to talk about Arizona with him. 

Thank you guys for the letters. and the pictures.  They were great.

I'll send some really good pictures next week, okay?

Love, Elder Glasgow

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3, 2014

Dear Family,

Well, in 4 days I will have left home 7 months ago. Where does all the time go???

Thank you so much for the letters this week. I love hearing all about what is happening in the good old AZ.  I miss the Temple so much.  The dedication sounded absolutely wonderful.  I'm really glad you guys could go to it.  I wish I could have gone too but I'm kind of doing the Lord's work over here in the beautiful city of Oxford. 

This week has been crazy, though. I went on three exchanges. One with a Zone Leader, another with a missionary from our District and then another one with one of the Chinese Elders in our District.  I really enjoyed working with them and it was fun to go over to Reading and Whitney and see new places and meet loads of cool people.  They are all great missionaries, too.  The Chinese Elder is even from China!  His name is Elder Chen. He's teaching me some Chinese!  It's great.

As for our investigators, were working hard with them.  There's Izzy, Mike and Melissa, Andrew and Kate, Suman and Criss, Caroline, Leif, Carys and a few more which escape my memory.  But they all need some help.  A few of them struggle with English.  Suman and Criss are from Nepal!  And others have different situations.  Just pray that we can meet with them and their hearts will be softened.  Thanks. 

Last p-day we got to do some pretty great site-seeing so that's where these cool pictures are from.  Oxford is awesome! 

Along with that, my companero has had the flu for the past 5 days which makes it difficult to work, but we've managed so far.  I really don't like having a sick companion.  It's not fun, because both of us want to work really bad, but we can't! 

So, from what I understand this week has been pretty rough for quite a few people.  I would like to shed some light on this subject.  First off, the spirit of contention is of the devil.  I don't want to rebuke anyone but that's the doctrine.  Every good thing comes from God and everything bad comes from Satan.  Now, the Lord will not give us anything we cannot overcome.  Our trials and challenges are but a small moment in the spectrum of eternity. Whom the Lord loves, he chastens.  When you rebuke a wise man he will love you because you made him better (that's in Proverbs 9:8).  Everything that happens in our life is for our benefit, that we might learn.  The Lord has a plan for every last one of his children and he has provided a way for every last one of them to achieve the Celestial Kingdom.  It's up to us to overcome through the gospel of Christ, through Faith, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.  The Gospel, however, is not like a ladder.  We aren't just on one part of the process, like enduring.  It's more like a race track.  We have to do it over and over again, round and round, until the race is over. 

To answer your question, mom, no.  Sadly, we don't have ipads.  But we should see them at some point in my mission... hopefully.

I love you all and hope that you guys have a wonderful week.  Follow the spirit.

Love, Elder Glasgow