Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

Dear Family,

Oh my goodness you guys almost make me all trunky inside with everything that is going on, but I love it all so please don’t stop!

I love getting all your letters. They help me out so much during the week. I love hearing all that’s happening and the pictures are the best.

Thank you so much for your letter, Aubs.  It’s really hard to open up to people about your trials and challenges but it is worth it. It is truly worth it. One thing that I’ve learned out here so far is that we have agency. Sometimes I wish some people didn’t have so much of it.  But I know that we are free to choose. We can choose to overcome the flesh.  Like Nephi in his psalm, ''why should I yield because of my flesh?... Awake my soul!  No longer droop in sin!''  We are a fallen people so we can’t be perfect, but we are children of our Heavenly Father and He has given every single one of his children the ways and means to return to live with him, again. Every last person.

And Dad, I completely agree with you - rejection hurts.  My very first door that I knocked on was a complete anti-religion, angry Atheist. Yup.  But I’ve learned to laugh it off. Some people just aren’t ready. We are called to teach those who are ready to hear our message.  We can’t teach a rejecter.  Bummer.

I hope everyone is doing alright. I always loved November back home. It was so exciting.  Oh, get this… my birthday falls on a Zone Conference and an Area Presidency member will be there! Yeah!  Birthday with the mission!  And, I got my birthday package, Mom. Thank you so much!  Don’t worry, I haven’t opened it. But, I may have to open it on Thursday, before my birthday on Friday, cuz I have to travel all the way to Staines, via train, and I don’t want to lug it all around.

I should probably talk about the week, huh?  We taught 25 lessons this week!  Yeah!  Sweet!  We even had an investigator at church! Church with an investigator is so much different.  We don’t really pay attention to anything but the investigator, and we just worry the whole time about what they’re thinking.

So, it’s going great over here. No complaints. Oh, I don’t know if I already told you about our investigator, Alan.  He won’t come to church until his dog dies. (she’s reeeeeally old)  I know this sounds terrible but I need you to do it…  I need you to pray that the dog will die.  Okay?  Great.  Thanks.

I can’t wait until Christmas when I get to see and talk to all of you, especially Wake and Avery.  Oh, my days, that will be the best!!

Here’s a picture of me fencing last week. haha.  It was great.  I'm the little guy on the right.  I’m ready to be a Musketeer.  

Love, Elder Glasgow

November 18, 2013

Dear Family,

This week has been a crazy one. I really don’t like transfer week. But, like I said last week, my new comp is Elder Rogers. He’s from Seattle, WA. He served in Farnborough before here. He’s only been out about 6 months, so just 2 transfers ahead of me. He was trained by an Elder who had just finished his own training and then Elder Rogers trained right after that! Crazy!  But, he’s a great missionary, a contacting beast, really. He just loves talking to everyone.

He’s not like Elder Erickson, but Elder Rogers is pretty great.  We get along well. To tell you the truth, though, he’s a still a little green, but we should be doing some great work this week.

Because of Transfers we weren’t able to get much done but we did have some good teaches. Yesterday, we took the sacrament to a sister in the hospital, Sister Collins.  She’s a super cool lady, but just having some really crazy health problems. I love visiting her, she’s great.  Afterwards, we were waiting for a bus and Elder Rogers starts talking to this guy and next thing you know the guy is asking us if we can bless his newborn son who was just born like 5 hours ago!  He’s only 17, btw, and his name is J.  Crazy!  But, his partner doesn’t believe in God so she wouldn’t let us in.  But, we’ll contact J soon and teach him.

Anywho, thank you so much for the letters. I’m still waiting for replies from a few family RM’s about that assignment I gave you all last week.  Thanks Aubs, you’re the best!

Mother, I’m thinking a suit can wait. I don’t need another one just yet. I think a nice humble little Christmas package would be better. I still don’t know what you could put in it, though.  Maybe some ties, an apron, some music, maybe. I dunno.  I’m doing great, though  My socks work great, I’m warm, my shoes are champs, I’m fine. Don’t you worry about me.

Man, I am so excited for Dallin!. How are his parents?  Are they doing alright?  Could you send me their email? I would like that.  Was Dallin pretty nervous at his farewell? He sounded pretty scared in his emails to me. haha. He’s gonna be great, though. Thanks for all my friends’ emails addresses, too, Dad.

Being over here in England makes me appreciate families so much, especially my own family.  You guys are the greatest. In my Patriarchal Blessing it says that I’ve been raised in the family I have, so that I can share Gods Plan of Redemption and Mercy with everyone I meet.  And let me tell you, it’s happening.  I love all you guys. Mom – it sounds like you need a little “Me Time”. I think you should do that Wellness Program with Dr. Brimhall. You always do so much for everyone – it’s time to think about yourself for a bit, okay?

I love all you guys.

Elder Glasgow

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Dear Family,
Well, I'm staying on the isle for another two transfers.  I'll be here for 6 whole months, in my first area.... anyway. My new comp is Elder Rogers.  I don't think I've ever met him but I'll find out on Wednesday!
It's so great to get all your letters.  They're  the best things ever.  Oh, before I forget, all you RM's in the family...  What was the biggest thing you struggled with on a mission and how did you over come it?  I expect extensive essays next week.  Hop to it!
Anyway, this p-day was a doozy. We were originally going to go Fencing with a member, with swords, eppee's, and sabers and everything, but he had to work so we decided to go to Carisbrooke Castle.  But the day we came the hours changed so it's only open on the weekends all the way until February.  Yah, bummer!  I got a cool picture with it, though.
So how's everyone doing??  Happy birthdays to Cedar and Chase!  I miss all the festivities of November at home.  Seriously, nothing happens around here.  Well, we have Remembrance Day.  It's pretty much Veterans Day and everyone wears poppys and stuff and they decorate the war memorials that are in the center of town.  I'll send a picture.
Getting a new comp is kinda scary.  I don't know what to expect at all.  It's so new.  But I'm not too worried, it will be alright, haha.   Elder Erickson is moving to Romsey and his new comp only has 5 weeks left and is going home right before Christmas.   How crazy would that be, coming home the week before Christmas?? I couldn't deal with that.
To answer your question mom, I think I may only get to go to the temple once or twice while I'm on a mission, here.  Yah bummer, but I'll survive.
I cant wait to hear from you all next week!  Tell everyone to write!
Elder Glasgow

Friday, November 8, 2013

November 4, 2013

Dear Family,
I love all your letters every week, they're the best!
Lets see, so this is the final full week of the transfer which puts actual moves on next Wednesday, the 13th.  I'll still email every Monday, don't you worry.  I'm not really sure what's gonna happen on the island, to be honest. Next transfer is on Christmas day!  They can't really move anyone if they move anyone at all, so any moves, which will be few, will happen on Boxing day, the day after Christmas.  So, wherever I am next transfer I'll be there 'til February.  I'll probably stay here, though. Elder Erickson has been here since July so it's about time for him to skip out.  I'll probably just get a follow up trainer and then move in February, but that's just my guess.  If you were to send anything this week it would be safest just to send it to the mission office.
Halloween here is kinda lame. It's nothing compared to back home on crazy Clovis Ave.  A member asked me the other day if American Halloween's were anything like the movie, Hocus Pocus.  I told her about our neighborhood, and she thought that was so cool!  Halloween was so lame here that we, the American Missionaries, had to take it upon ourselves to put together the ward Halloween party. It turned out pretty good. We had pumpkin carving and a cake walk and some games and food and stuff.  I thought everyone enjoyed it.
It is rather sad that there is no Thanksgiving here.  I don't know if there's any members that would know how to put one on for us, but you never know. We better start looking around for some Americans.  I was just thinking, is Christmas music playing on the radio, yet?  Oh, that's what I wanted!  Is there any chance one of you can put together some Christmas music for me?  I really want some, like all the classics and Vince Guaraldi (Charlie Brown Christmas) and whatever else you think I would like.  That would be great, and if you could get it over here asap that would be even better.
Now, the work.... lets just say its going.  We do lots of knocking, I mean LOTS. We only have a handful of investigators and most of them are really difficult to get a hold of, but one seems like an eternal (Louis).  Tonight we're going to go see one of our investigators down in Ventnor, and it should be pretty good.
It's crazy to think it's already November.  I am 1/8 of the way through my mission!  Time just fly's by so fast out here!
I miss all you guys, lots.  I love when people ask about my family.  I always show off the photos you just sent me, because I always carry them with me.  It's great. Everyone thinks I have like the most beautiful family ever.  I would agree.
It's great to hear about the work in Mesa moving all so great. We were supposed to get our ipads this month, but its been delayed for some reason... but soon, hopefully.
Just remember that missionaries can only do so much. We move around a lot and it's the job of the members to befriend everyone, cuz we just can't.
I love you guys. I pray and think about you all the time.  The gospel is true, there's nothing that can say otherwise.
Elder Glasgow