Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Dear Family,

Thank you all soooo much for your letters and pictures. I just have the greatest family ever! Wake is riding a bike????? That's so crazy!! I'm struggling to come to terms with that. 

Mom, I think the Pre-Existence was much more similar to our life here than we realize. We learned and progressed, just like we do here, and, of course, we are all different, designed in a unique way, and we all did different things as well before we came here. That's why certain talents and abilities come natural for some and not for others. And the Spirit will work in different ways, too.  The Lord tells us in our heart and in our mind what the truth is and (this is my own doctrine) it causes some sort of reaction inside of us that only we would recognize, that it is from God. Does that make sense? Being the creator of us, he knows best how we feel the Spirit. Personally, I feel the Spirit a lot through music and nature. The Spirit is a wonderful thing, though. Preach My Gospel, chapter 4, explains it all wonderfully. 

So, as for my homecoming date.... I'm pretty sure that i'll get home either August 6 or July 23rd.... something like that. So I should be home for Cedar's BYU graduation. 

I'll be looking for a pair of shoes today. Mine are really shot.

The last week has been absolutely bitterly cold, but there hasn't been any snow just yet. I did hear it is snowing up in Weston super mare (bad) though. I'm guessing it'll snow this week. 

So, this week has been....alright. We did have a really cool miracle on Wednesday, though. Elder Wessman and I went to a Christian Science church for a testimony meeting and afterwards talked to everyone and gave the head Pastor lady a Book of Mormon!!! She was really nice and very interested in the Book of Mormon. We'll be following up either this week or the next. Mellany is doing really good, too. She really likes the classes at church and wants to learn more. We'll be teaching her on Thursday. There's also some less-actives that we are still working with but there isn't too much to report about them. I'm really looking forward to this week and what lies in store for me. 

Thank you so much for the prays and everything you guys do back home. I'll write up some letters this week.


Elder glasgow

ALSO... uhm... what do you think about me buying a guitar? I found a really nice 3/4 one for £40 and I like it a lot. Just let me know what you think. I would be a super cool souvenir to bring home!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 19, 2015

Dear Family,

Time is just flying, i'nit? That's so crazy that Hamilton is already home! It going to be so exciting to meet up with the old gang when we are all home and see how much all of us have changed and grown over the past 2 years. And Jace and Kevin get home in February and March? Oh my days I don't believe it! Where has the time gone??

I got a bit of post (mail) last week at Zone Training! I finally got the Christmas tree and some family Christmas cards... oh well. I still appreciated it a lot. I haven't gotten Brittnee's letter, though.

Brittnee - If my knowledge of the scripture is correct... which i hope it is, numbers usually have a deeper meaning. Like 12 and the priesthood and 3 and the Godhood and usually 7 means complete. I can't think of any scriptures right now. But look for words like the Lord's Day and the Sabbath and stuff like that. Maybe I'll study it a bit and give you what I think next week. 

Speaking of scripture study, The Ward Mission Leader here is a proper doctrinal scholar. He blew my mind in Ward Correlation. He just opened up to questions and it was intense. 1 Corinthians 15:45-49. That is a heavy bit of scripture. Soo deep.

I need to buy some shoes to last the next 7 months. I will be doing lots and lots of walking here in Sutton. Send $. ;) 

Change is always going to be hard but it definitely teaches us a lot. I always hate leaving behind the Wards that I grew to love so dearly but that's just something I accepted when I came out. I knew I would move around and I would have to say goodbye to people. I might come back one day but that's a different story. What I am really looking forward to is when we are all reunited after this life. I have loads of people I need to talk to. 

Me and Elder Pulman are doing really good. He's enjoying himself more and more every week. We just have to keep things fun and interesting. Like last week we got some cheap building materials and borrowed a members saw and we are building a small coffee table on our p-days. Stuff like that he really enjoys. And we are always looking for opportunities to serve everyone around us. I love doing service so much. 

We were able to meet with Mellany this week (she's our new investigator). She's doing really good. She even came to our Brazilian party on Saturday night and got to meet loads of the members. It was lots of fun. And Brazilian food is so good!!!

This week there is talk of snow here in London as well. I hope it does. Last year we got nothing! Taylor (Elder Bailey in Scotland) sent me a pic of him doing snow angels with his comp and I got a little jealous. 

Anyway. I love you all. I pray for you and I know you guys pray for me. Thanks.


Elder Glasgow

Admiralty Arch, the Mall, Trafalger Square

Westminster Cathedral
Palace Guard.  Ooooo!

We bought the same suit!  (not together at the same time). Ha!

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Dear Family,

Well well well, its been quite the week here in Sutton. Here's my new address...

3 Kingfisher Court
37 Grove Road
Sutton, Surrey

Already week 2 here. It's nice here. Our Ward is really good and we have a stellar Ward Mission Leader. Brother Leppard. He is a doctrinal scholar and knows how to magnify his calling. I love working with him. There's also lots of Americans in the ward. It kind of reminds me of Oxford. 

This week we've done a bit of finding and did some service. We went to the Visitor Centre and watched "Meet the Mormons". It was sooooo great! We went to a Youth Super Saturday and taught the Youth about missionary work. It's been really good. 

Elder Pulman and I are having a good time together, as well. He's a really fun guy to have around. It's nice. He really loves everyone around him. 

Today I got to go to London again! All of the District really wanted to go so we called up the ZL's and they passed us. We stopped by Big Ben, Westminster Catherdral and Abbey, Trafalgar Square (we even took a quick look around the National Gallery) and Buckingham Palace. It's always so cool to go into central London. 

So, my comp was on Exchanges with another missionary in our District, the other day, and they were heading over to another part of the area when they got stopped by the Travel Police to check their tickets. They were just outside of their travel zone so the were technically breaking some laws. Elder Pulman had zero cash and zero ID to give to the police, but they ended up calling President Millar to verify, which he did. And, luckily, one of the Police ladies knew missionaries from Addlestone so Elder Pulman only had to buy the 4 pound ticket and they were off the hook. Lucky Ducks. President Millar wasn't too happy about all that... but it's all okay now. 

We picked up a former investigator this week. Her name is Sophie. She's really nice but has a few worthiness things to work on. We also got a referral from one of the members! We're hopefully teaching them on Tuesday

My pics of London will come next week, so you'll have to wait..... also! i'm going to need a new pair of shoes soon!

That's pretty much all to report this week. I love you guys!!!

Elder Glasgow

Buckingham Palace. Elder Pulman and I are on the ends.

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Dear Family,

I am doing just grand in this New Year. Sutton is a nice place. We have a wonderful District and we are already all really good friends. The Flat's pretty good - has a funny smell, but I'll get used to it. Hard wood floors and a Ping Pong table (don't worry, we only play on p-days!) There's also a super stellar Ward here. And 6 missionaries who go to the ward as well (2 are the AP's). 

It's sooo much different than Welling. Like, Huge. There are so many white people here. Sutton barely makes the cusp of London, though. It's more Surrey than London, but people still call it London. 

Elder Pulman and I are doing good together. He's a really good guy. He loves everyone around him and is really good at teaching and addressing concerns. The only thing is that he absolutely hates finding. He despises it with a passion. Street contacting and knocking. So, I'm going to be slowly working him into that favorite pastime. In the meantime we've been doing lots of Less-Active work, getting to know the members, and pursuing Service activities. It is nice to broaden our horizons, though, and try some things that I haven't done much on my mission. This week we're going to stop by the Salvation Army and see if we can help out there. We are also going to get involved with the Youth. 

The week before I got here literally all of the investigators dropped because of anti-mormon material, so we don't really have anyone we're working with right now, other than some part-member families which I still need to get to know better. 

I really enjoy my new suit. It fits me really well and I like the color and pattern. And speaking of clothes... Mom, my nice looking black shoes are not going to make it too many more weeks with all the walking I do here in Sutton. I'm going to need to buy another pair, soon. It being New Year, there are lots of good sales going on, so the quicker I can buy a pair the cheaper they will be!

I'm so happy to hear about all the progress you guys are making spiritually as a family. I contribute so much of my success and happiness to the amount of time I spend praying and reading the scriptures. The scriptures really are  the words of Christ and they will tell you all the things which ye should do. 

Thanks again for all the letters and support you guys give me. It helps so much. I love you all!

Elder Glasgow

Final Day in Welling.  Elders Alambra, Ertmann, Byron, Me

Sa-weeeet!!  Mmm, mmm, mmm!!!  Just what I need.