Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

Dear Everyone,

I don't have loads of time to email everyone so I'm just replying to you all. Today is my very last p-day. Sad, isn't it? But hey, it was bound to happen. Today we are in Plymouth, which is nice because now I can spend it with more people than just my comp. 

Last week was pretty good. We dropped John. He wasn't commiting and just kept making excuses. It'll give us more time to find the elect. 

I'm doing alright. Everyone always has to ask how I feel about going home. It's almost as bad as when I moved into a new area and everyone found out my last name is Glasgow. 

But for you who don't know, my homecoming talk is on the 26th, my first Sunday back home. I'll be giving a discourse on the Sanctifying Power of the Spirit. For those who can make it it's much appreciated. For those who can't, I forgive you and still love you. And I'll be seeing you soon enough. 

Oh, so I had my exit interview the other day so I will have one more email session next week. That was really weird. But President Gubler gave me some really good advice that should prepare me for coming home. 

I'll quickly try to send off a few more personal notes with the remainder of the time I have left.


Elder Cannon Glasgow

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