Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

Dear Family,

I got to say... I'm impressed right now.  I got an email from pretty much everyone this week, even Grandma Glasgow!  Thanks Grandma.  Chase, it is the best two years.  No doubt about that. 

Wait, so did you fix my car?  I thought she died!  And Dad, I'm super jelly right now.  Is your truck a manual or automatic? 

All of your guys letters were great.  I wish I could reply to all of you but sadly I don't really have the time.... I am sending loads of pictures this week however, so be excited. 

Me and Elder Aichele got a phone call from president on Sunday.  He's moving!  I'm losing my Chilean!  And I only had him for 6 weeks.  My new comp is Elder Cooper, probably from Utah.  I hear he's a good guy. 

This week me and Elder Day are planning on going to the Ashmolean as well because we don't have to go anywhere Wednesday so it acts as our p-day!  I'm excited!  The Ashmolean is a super cool museum that isn't open on Mondays. 

As for our investigators, Izzy is being difficult.  She got a full time job and is really busy.  Suman accepted a baptismal date!  But he is also working full-time.  Other than that there's just a couple people we are trying to work with.  It's been tough because Elder Aichele has been sick and things just always get in the way.  But I think once my new comp gets settled it will all be wheat. 

So, it seems like so much has changed since I left.  Thanks for the day count-down, Dad.  I'm just going to tell people after I hit my year mark that I've been out ''a little more that a year'', until I go home.  But I do agree with you Pops - the mission is the most wonderful thing in the world.  But sometimes I just want all the experience and stuff right now.  I want that Return Missionary status right now.  But that will come.  I have to earn it all.  But that's okay.  Mission life is pretty great.

Serena sent me a little leaflet of the Gilbert Temple.  I want to go there so bad!  I miss the Temple. 

Aubs - I'm so happy for you.  Keep it up. 
Chase - tear it up.  Are you still living in my shadow?  You better not be.
Cedar - thanks.  Enjoy Mesa for me.
Brighten - you're the best even though you haven't written me much.  Your letters are quality and I know you'll be blessed so much as you help the missionaries out.  Just imagine them as me. 
Crewbeans - no letter from you, huh?  Did you like my letter I sent in the mail?  How is school going?

I have the greatest family ever.  Thanks, you guys.  Don't miss me too much.  2 years isn't that long.  Enjoy your week.  Look for opportunities to share the gospel with everyone. 

Love, Elder Glasgow

Pix are from Christ Church visit last week, and the Oxford District

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