Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014

Dear Family,

Thank you again for your wonderful letters. I love reading them every week. It's nice to know what's going on back in sunny AZ. Haha, maybe you guys should check the weather over here more often and you might appreciate it more. 

Today was a nice easy pday. As you can see, Its already 4:30pm and I just started emailing. Well, there's a little something called Bank Holidays here and let me just say - I might just despise them. The whole country just takes off the Monday around a holiday and all the Libraries shut down and it's lame. So, we're here at the Chapel today.

It turns out there is a Mission Burrito here! It's not Chipotle, no sir, not even close to Cafe Rio or Costa Vida, but I did stuff a burrito into my face 4 hours ago. It was awesome. I felt so Arizona-ish. My splurge of the month. 

Oh! so I'm guessing that you guys have not gotten the small package I sent Crew, yet? Hopefully it gets there before his birthday. If not, Happy Birthday Crew! you're 8 years old!!!!!!! I hope you like the card and present I got for you.

So.... I keep forgetting its Mothers Day next week.....I KNOW! I'm a terrible son.... I'm sorry mom. But I will be able to Skype you at 7;30pm, England time. Along with that I will be having to check my email every day due to our Flat hunt. I just sent you a contact request on Skype, sooo yeah, it would be good if you checked that.

AHHHH thats so cool for Mesa High Volleyball!!!! I wish I could be there. And send me Crew's tumbling video!!! 

Okay, so about me... this week has been alright. We've had some pretty good teaches with some of our investigators. We had to drop a few more people this week BUT we totally have a Temple trip with Tim planned. And I've got to say I am so stoked! I just love the Temple! You are so lucky. GO more often! 

The weather's been pretty nice to us, too, this week. It's been a little chilly - just enough for a jacket, and it was SUNNY the other day! It was great! 

Haha, so the other day Elder Cooper and I were running out of food to make so we ended up making a ''what we found in the flat'' soup. Man, it was delicious. There's a picture of me with it. I think it was the Cream of Chicken soup that saved it, though. 

Sad news, this week I totally wrecked a pair of my trousers. Like unusable. So I would appreciate it very much if I could get a bit of cash to buy some new ones. 

The search for a Flat still continues! We submitted one last week but President did not approve. He thought if we moved there we would be doing more gardening than missionary work. Something along the lines of being too spacious. Oh, and we're not looking for a 4-man flat, anymore. Only a 2, which is fine. Not much gets done in a 4-man Flat, anyway. Way too many boys. 

It's so strange to think that I'm thousands of miles away from you guys. It's unreal. And then I remember just exactly where I am and it's even more weird. Anyway, I miss you guys a lot and hope you guys are finishing up the school year alright. Whenever you find yourself thinking, ''how the heck did I ever end up here???'', just remember that those who walk on the straight and narrow path of the gospel are never lost, because we have a perfect example to lead the way! 

Love, Elder Glasgow

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