Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26, 2014

Dear Family,

How I miss you guys so much. Every single time I read all of your letters it reminds me of home and how great all you guys are. Did you know that you guys are the best? Like seriously, I love you guys.

Well, we finally have a move-in date for the new Flat. We'll be moving in on June 10th. But there's a kicker. Transfers is the week right before that and I have been with Elder Cooper for 2 transfers now. But you never know! Maybe I will stay. But it's all up in the air right now. Lots of people are going home the next two transfers and they're going to need some new leaders to step up. 

This Wednesday we have interviews with President. I'll ask what President wants to do with me, then. But you can never be sure on things like this. Sometimes the spirit speaks at the last second, so we'll see what happens.  

This week has had some definite ups and downs. I went on an exchange with one of my Zone Leaders, Elder Grice, and we had quite an adventure. We had a car so we were going to take the Didcot Sister Missionaries home because Sister Bolinder has been sick for the past 2 weeks. But, on the way we had some car problems! The car started misfiring and it's a diesel, so that's bad. After a whole lot of phone calls and talking to three different garages and a very terrifying drive all around Oxfordshire we ended up back in Kidlington that evening. Then we had to take the bus and train all the way back to Reading! It was madness! So, it would be super great if I could get some $ on my card, pronto, because this whole exchange escapade has sapped all of my funds temporarily!!! And I still need to replace my ruined trousers... 

We also had to drop our long-time investigator, Tim, this week. His set religious views get in the way of him simply praying about the Book of Mormon. It's really sad. I was pretty gutted. Missionaries have been working with him the past 4 months and last Friday we put it all on the line and it didn't pay off. It's really difficult to put the gospel above your friendship with someone because that's what Tim is, a friend! But if he isn't willing to learn and progress... well... we have much better things to do with this time we have consecrated to the Lord.  Pray for his future, though.

That was one of the biggest things Elder Grice taught me. As a member of the church, we covenant to live the Law of Consecration when called upon. I think a mission is one of those times!

We have picked up some new investigators this week, though, and one of them looks very promising. Rio, from East Timoor. Great guy. I'll be sure to update you about him next week. 

You better enjoy Memorial Day as much as I would have if I was there!

I love you guys!

Elder Glasgow

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