Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Dear Family,

Thank you again for your wonderful letters. I love reading them so much every week! 

If you didn't know, this week is moves! And guess what? I'm staying and my companion, Elder Herrod, is going to be the new Zone Leader in the Maidstone Zone. He can't wait! Other good news, I was made the District Leader! Yup, never thought I would see the day. 

This week has been kinda crazy, again. I went on two exchanges both outside of my area so I haven't really been in Oxford too much, but we have picked up some new investigators and I think they're really solid. Klhoe and Roy, just to name a few. 

Elder Herrod and I have also started running every morning. I don't know how long it will last with the new comp though... Oh, my new comps name is Elder McCammon. I know nothing about him. I may have met him once or twice but I can't remember... 

I'm super excited about next transfer, though. I'm putting together the vision I want my District to have and I think it will help a lot. It's kinda scary taking on all this responsibility, though. My District is one of the biggest in the mission! 

I'm doing good, just so you know. We've been doing alot of finding and we've recieved quite a lot of referrals lately and I am praying that they will turn into new investigators. 

This morning I had a really great study, as well, and I think it has set the mood for my goals that I want to set for this next transfer. Fearing God more than Man. That was the Pharisee's problem. They loved the praise of men and disregarded the praise of God but it's the praise of God I want! 

Sadly, I haven't really taken many pictures this week... So I don't really have any to send.... I'm going to do better, I promise!!! 

Have a great week. I love all you guys,

Elder Glasgow

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