Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Dear Family,

Again, I'm sorry about last week.  That was a very short letter.  We had some Elders from Crawthorne come over. It was loads of fun, though. I'm finally playing some football here in England. I'm still pretty rubbish, though. haha. 

Elder Herrod and I can never catch a break! It seems like so much has happened the past two weeks but our numbers have been so weak! We did have a chance to paint a less active families house and her neighhbor and taught her a bit too! 

My fourth of July was....uneventful. We made some burgers at our flat but that was about it. No fireworks or anything. Man, I miss America. It's just such a great country. You guys are blessed to be there right now. 

Hmm, maybe if you guys want, cuz Elder Herrod is from San Diego, like right there in Carlsbad, I could have him get his parents info so you could meet them when you go over for vacation? Just an idea. I think it would be pretty cool. 

So, prayers. I need you guys to pray for Hazel that she will be willing to listen to us, Caroline that she will accept a baptismal date and Rio that he will start coming to church and progress. That would help loads. 

I just love you guys so much and can't wait until I can be there with you fishing and swimming and all that fun stuff. 

Thank you for the emails!  Keep them coming.  

Everyone else, I'm

Love, Elder Glasgow

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