Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Dear Family,

Thank you soo much for your letters this week. I'm so glad to hear mom is doing alright and gave such a wonderful talk at Stake Conference. That kind of makes me proud. haha. 

Well well well another week gone by so fast! This week we had lots of meetings and just stuff to do, it being the first full week of the Transfer. I had to go down to Crawley for a District Leader Conf., and then had a District Meeting (it was really good. we set some goals that should push us). We had an exchange with the Zone Leaders, and even attended a funeral. Good week for us, though. 

We picked up a new investigator. His name is Howard. He was taught about 2 years ago and is a really solid guy. We stopped by his house while I was on exchange. He really just wants to follow Christ and that's about it. He struggles with depression, though, and it highly affects his sleeping patterns, but the gospel will help him so much. I'm really excited to teach him. 

The Europe Area also has a new area plan that we are implementing. Its really nice and easy to use. It's all about bringing a friend, becoming self-reliant and doing Family History. Speaking of which, could you guys do me a favor???  So you know about those My Family Booklets? If you don't I would highly suggest looking into it. Could you guys send me some photos of all the people that would be in mine? So, like 3 generations back? Something like that. It would really really be helpful.

And speaking of mail, I haven't gotten your letter mom... But i did get Brittnee's and Grandma Glasgow's! Thank you! You will both be getting a reply soon. 

Jace (Hancock) is home!!! Aw, man, its going to be so cool to be around all the RM's of Windsor Ward when I get back. I miss all those guys. Funny that next month I will be the oldest missionary in the ward, after Kevin (Hancock) gets home.

That's all I can really remember about this week. I'm doing good. Finally getting over my cold. Elder Pulman might have caught it though..... But i'm good. Don't you guys worry about me!


Elder Glasgow

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