Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Dear Family,

Well, I am finally far enough along in my mission that the Sister missionaries who came out with me are going home this week.... It's kind of scary to think about. In other news, Elder Wessman is leaving to Peckham and I've been made District Leader again! It looks like I'll only have a single Transfer, as all my Senior comps were DL's, where I don't go to a District Leader Council my whole mission. I'm excited, though. I think it's going to help my comp a lot. We've become really good friends and he's wants to help me as much as he can in my calling. So I look forward to the coming Transfer. 

I think that really one of the best things that could help Elder Pulman is to get a baptism with him.... We have one pretty good prospect right now. Her name is Mellany. I've told you guys about her, right? We had a wonderful teach with her on Thursday. She really enjoyed it. She was asking us all the Do's and Don'ts of the church and she has a strong desire to follow them. She's just great. We've also been able to find some good prospects, and nail down some visits with Less-Active's this week. 

On Saturday we had a Service Project with a part member family in the ward. Well, I say part member, it's more  a Less-Active Sister, and her non-member boyfriend, Paul. We went over and painted her house and got to know both of them a lot better. That is really where Elder Pulman shines, Service Projects. Great Stuff. But Paul came to church on Sunday! It was really great. 

Dad, Elder Pulman is Welsh, not English. Well, he was born in Reading but grew up in Wales. His mum didn't like the Welsh accent too much so that's why he sounds kinda English. But when he gets frustrated or excited the Welsh really pops out. It's pretty funny haha. Also, Dad, I think you should do Tonto Gorge again, for the Priest Quorum Super Activity. Just don't put Chase through what you put me through, okay?

*note to reader: the missionary dad went with Elder Glasgow on the Windsor Ward Priest Quorum Super Activity in 2013, Tonto Gorge hike for 4 days, just before Elder Glasgow went on his mission. Day 3, missionary dad had a little mishap and separated his left shoulder - bad.  Shoulder popped back into place by caring and deft Priest Quorum Advisor, Aaron Blaylock, and experienced shoulder separatist, and Priest Quorum member, Daylen Blau.  Elder Glasgow, recently conferred Melchizedek Priesthood holder, administered to his dad, using and magnifying his Priesthood for the first time. It was a sweet experience, despite the circumstance.  All turned out well, though.  Missionary dad was a trooper and is still alive today.  Missionary dad not afraid of Tonto Gorge, though!  

Mum, thanks for the scripture. (I Nephi 1:20) I really like that one, too. The other week I listened to a talk by Brad Wilcox. I would encourage you to look it up. It's called, "His Grace is Sufficient". Also look up "Lessons Learned From A Child". Great talks. He definitely helped me understand Grace a lot.

This week I'll be in a Tri for a few days, because Elder Wessman is leaving, but I like Elder Johnson a lot. He's a good guy. I just struggle to work in a Tri is all. But we'll have fun. 

I wrote Crew a letter and sent it off today! 

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you! 

And I love everyone else, too. Don't worry about me.

Elder Glasgow

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