Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for the letters this week. They always help me a lot through the week. 

It's so exciting to hear how the missionary work is going back in AZ. It seems like the whole Stake just exploded the second I left! How many recent converts are there since I've been gone? like 8? I don't remember there being many baptisms for the 11 years I was there. 

Could you guys get me Porter's email? I would like to send him a quick note. (Cannon and Porter are High School friends. Elder Porter McLawses mother passed away suddenly last week.  The McLawses are great family friends.  Elder McLaws is serving a mission in Australia. fyi)

This week has been alright for us. It dumped snow on Saturday. Kind of put a little bit of a stand-still on missionary work but luckily we had Correlation that day at Brother Leppard's, so lunch and travel and the meeting took up a fair bit of the day. The snow only lasted the day, though. It was all melted and gross by Sunday. It was sooooo cold on Sunday, too. Just bitter. 

Our investigators are doing alright. Sometimes it can be a struggle when they are all single women and we can't find a member to come out with us all the time, but, hey ho, we get past it. No big deal. There's not really much to report this week for them anyway. 

Some of the less-actives we work with are lots of fun, though. We have a whole crew of them that all hang out together that we work with. They all have slight mental disabilities/challenges. They're all a laugh, though. I love working with them. They progress slowly but that is expected. 

Elder Pulman and I are doing alright. Elder Pulman is doing lots better. He still gets frustrated sometimes and whatnot and we take breaks every once in a while but he's slowly opening his mouth more. I think he's happier, too. Today we're going to go on an adventure in the woods so that should cheer him up quite a bit. 

​Oh, so I leave here Aug 5. Aww, you made me say it. Its official. Just so you know. I'll be home for Cedar's Graduation.

Also, did you catch my question about that guitar? 

I think the Patriots have won too many Superbowls.....

Oh Dad, so I know how much of a shoe guy you are so I sent a couple pics of my new rides, so you could admire from a distance. (Yes, Dad wants)

Anywho. I love you guys so much. Thanks for everything.

Elder Glasgow

English Traction Control


Comp needs to get my back!  Me, Elder Pulman, Elder Wessman.  


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