Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

Dear Family,

Oh my goodness you guys almost make me all trunky inside with everything that is going on, but I love it all so please don’t stop!

I love getting all your letters. They help me out so much during the week. I love hearing all that’s happening and the pictures are the best.

Thank you so much for your letter, Aubs.  It’s really hard to open up to people about your trials and challenges but it is worth it. It is truly worth it. One thing that I’ve learned out here so far is that we have agency. Sometimes I wish some people didn’t have so much of it.  But I know that we are free to choose. We can choose to overcome the flesh.  Like Nephi in his psalm, ''why should I yield because of my flesh?... Awake my soul!  No longer droop in sin!''  We are a fallen people so we can’t be perfect, but we are children of our Heavenly Father and He has given every single one of his children the ways and means to return to live with him, again. Every last person.

And Dad, I completely agree with you - rejection hurts.  My very first door that I knocked on was a complete anti-religion, angry Atheist. Yup.  But I’ve learned to laugh it off. Some people just aren’t ready. We are called to teach those who are ready to hear our message.  We can’t teach a rejecter.  Bummer.

I hope everyone is doing alright. I always loved November back home. It was so exciting.  Oh, get this… my birthday falls on a Zone Conference and an Area Presidency member will be there! Yeah!  Birthday with the mission!  And, I got my birthday package, Mom. Thank you so much!  Don’t worry, I haven’t opened it. But, I may have to open it on Thursday, before my birthday on Friday, cuz I have to travel all the way to Staines, via train, and I don’t want to lug it all around.

I should probably talk about the week, huh?  We taught 25 lessons this week!  Yeah!  Sweet!  We even had an investigator at church! Church with an investigator is so much different.  We don’t really pay attention to anything but the investigator, and we just worry the whole time about what they’re thinking.

So, it’s going great over here. No complaints. Oh, I don’t know if I already told you about our investigator, Alan.  He won’t come to church until his dog dies. (she’s reeeeeally old)  I know this sounds terrible but I need you to do it…  I need you to pray that the dog will die.  Okay?  Great.  Thanks.

I can’t wait until Christmas when I get to see and talk to all of you, especially Wake and Avery.  Oh, my days, that will be the best!!

Here’s a picture of me fencing last week. haha.  It was great.  I'm the little guy on the right.  I’m ready to be a Musketeer.  

Love, Elder Glasgow

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