Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 13, 2014

Dear Family,

Haha, you're probably wondering why I am emailing so late in the day.  Supposedly, all the island libraries today are going through a staff training, so all of them are shut down and it just so happens to be on a Monday that they do it, of course.  So we went to the chapel and it turns out the internet it down there, too, so we spent a good hour trying to fix it but it didn't work at all.  So eventually after going shopping and having lunch we found a little internet cafe hiding behind the McDonalds on Scarretts Lane.  Yup.  England.  Missons.

But this week was great!  We had another baptism!  Her name is Nastassia.  She's about 45 and has two kids. She met missionaries 19 years ago and then ran into us and we got her baptized!  She's super great and just loves the atmosphere of the church and everyone around it.  Elder Rogers baptized her and I gave a talk and Elder Rogers and I did a musical number together.  He played the cello and I played piano.  It was pretty moving, if I say so myself.  Steven is still on track for getting baptized next week, too!  It is so great.

Other than that, guess how many lessons we taught this week?  Forty-nine!!  Yeah, an all-mission high for me! Now I just have to get fifty!  We're teaching some great people.  There's Nick and Carol, a young couple with 2 kids.  They are both just great and really interested about it all.  And there's still our neighbors, James, Leah, and Allan.  We keep on running into people every single day that are just so prepared!  It's so cool!

But, enough about me.  It's so great to hear about you guys.  I'll be buying a good jacket today for sure.  Sorry my original one didn't turn out so well. Chase has brother Spencer for Seminary?  Is he the short one or the big one?  I can't remember.  Love Seminary!

Is Crew still doing gymnastics, or is he just going to school right now?  I miss him so much!  Whenever I see all the little kids at church I think of him.  Kids here are pretty cool, but they're not Crew.

So, I found out something rather interesting about the island the other day while I was at a members house.  It turns out that the island is full of jargon that isn't anywhere else in England.  Here, they use this word, Gert.  It means big.  If you're a tourist you're a Grotel.  And during Cowe's Week all the big-shot Yachters come here and they're called Grotty Yachties.  Haha.  And someone from the island is called a Caulkhead.  Anyway...

I'm doing great.  It's sooo good to hear all you guys are doing great, too.  I miss you guys a lot.  I pray for you every day.  Keep up all the missionary work you guys are doing!  Love you.

Elder Glasgow

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