Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014)

Dear family,
Welp, I'm still here on the Isle of Wight for another 6 weeks.  But, I'll be here and gone before I know it.  The last transfer just flew by.  It's scary.
This week was rather amazing.  We have two more people getting baptized over the next 2 weeks!  It's awesome! Nastassia is getting baptized on the 12th.  She met missionaries 19 years ago and then we ran into her a couple of weeks ago and now she totally wants to join the church!  She's so solid.  She even wants to have our District over for a dinner after her baptism.  Some of her views are a little Born-Again.  She's always talking about being saved and stuff, but she knows the church is true.
The other one is Steven, the Hungarian.  He's living with a friend right now in Newport but we're not sure how long that will last.  He's gone from smoking 20 cigarettes a day down to 1, though!  It's amazing.  We just need to get him off that one and he'll be set!
Other than that, there's Louis.  Yup, the same Louis I've been talking about my whole mission.  We've started running with him every P-day morning.  Proud of me, dad?  Haha.  Louis used to be a little bit of a fitness freak and body builder and he wants to get back into it, so we're gonna help him along with that.  He really wants an answer if the Book of Mormon is true, so we made a calendar for him with 4 weeks worth of what we think are the most important chapters of the Book of Mormon and we're going to remind him every day and give him questions to think about it all.  Let's all pray for Louis.
And Matthew Guy, our recent convert, is amazing.  He went street contacting with us!  It was awesome!  We would be testifying and teaching some one on the street and then he would bear his testimony about it and it was so powerful!  I'm not saying you guys have to go out and do that with the missionaries, but..... you could if you want to... you could. :)
And to answer moms question, I was seriously terrified to stop people on the street.  But now I love it.  You run into the most interesting people on the streets.  Our favorite place is the Bus Station.  We probably teach up to 20 lessons a week there.  It's awesome.
The most wonderful thing happened at church, yesterday!  We had a visitor come from WA state and he totally invited 3 of his non-member friends to come to church with him and they did!  While they were there he bore an amazing, powerful testimony about the Book of Mormon.  We had 7 non-members at church that day, 3 being our own investigators. It was just so cool!
So, I'm doing just wonderful.  Don't you guys worry about me too much.
Haha, funny thing about Englishmen...  The shops around here sell all sorts of mainstream American sports team stuff, but no one actually knows a thing about the teams.  Everyone here walks around with Michigan State stuff and Yankee's hats and Raiders stuff.  But, when we ask them about it they just say that they wear it for fashion.  Haha, gotta love the Brits, man!
I miss you guys a lot.  Family life here sure isn't what I grew up with.  Some families are champs, and they are doing their best, but most are just mere shadows compared to ours.  But, we're gonna help them with that.  You guys are the best!
I love you guys, have fun.
Elder Glasgow, London South Missionary

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