Monday, January 27, 2014

January 20, 2014

Dear Fam,
Well, we had another baptism!  Stephen Csaba Szenasi was baptized by the one and only Bishop Cornish of the Isle of Wight Ward.  And then I got to confirm Nastassia, and then I ordained Matthew!  It was awesome!  I thought it would be ages before I did stuff like that!  The Priesthood is wonderful.
Well, to answer some questions.... we've taught an average of about 44 lessons this transfer!  And we have another baptismal date.  One of the members here owns a cello which she keeps at the church, so Elder Rogers can use it whenever we are around.   We play together for all sorts of stuff.  Missionaries don't "jam", we just practice a bit for our performances.  Also, I got a new jacket - it's nice.  I got it for half price, too.  I only spent 40£.  Stephen is enjoying his new jacket, haha.  He's sooo funny, and a great guy.  Even though he's kinda homeless he still is so humble and wants to start his own Soup Kitchen!!  Yeah, he's great.
This week has been full of just great stuff. We had a young family come to church with their dad!  5 investigators at church, that's a new record!  We've started doing chapel tours a half hour before church as well so that people aren't too confused in church.
There are people prepared on the island. It's amazing.  We seem to run into them every single day!
Elder Rogers and I got some of those Institute manuals for the New Testament, D&C, and the Book of Mormon. We use them during our personal study, and I've got to say, they are sooooo coool!  Especially the D&C.  I think everyone underestimates the D&C.  The Bible and Book of Mormon are amazing.  A testimony of the Book of Mormon helps convert people.  But, the D&C was written for our day and has revelation from God for US.  It's so great!!!!
What do you mean there's another new Temple film out?!  The first new one just came out like 8 months ago! Have you guys seen it?  I only get to go to the temple twice my whole mission which means I probably won't get to see it until i come home!  Ahhh........ that's unfortunate.  Oh well.
Today, our District is going over to this place called The Needles.  It's all the way across the island, so we have to travel loads and we gotta hurry, cuz we have to be out proselyting by 6, so i will tell you all bye and I love you all so much and remember to read your scriptures every day and the church is true!
Elder Glasgow, the Cannon

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