Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 2, 2014

Dear Family,

So, guess what? I'm staying here in Oxford!! That's right. I'm outliving my companion and getting a new one. His name is Elder Herrod and he's in my MTC group! A Southern Californian, but a good guy, nonetheless. We haven't moved into our new Flat, yet, but will be moving in on the 10th of this month. To be honest.... I'm not too excited for it. We have only 1 day to move and still haven't sorted out cars. We'll probably end up just calling the Office and having them send up a van. 

Interviews with President were great! I always love talking to him. We get interviews every other transfer so I won't get another until I've been out for over a year. Speaking of which, in 6 weeks I'll hit the hump! But back to interviews, they took place on a Wednesday which is the same day as District meeting which was also the day a nice Taiwanese girl named Diana was baptized by the Chinese Elders. It was also the day that there was some rain/drain problems and a corner of the parking lot turned into a cesspool..... it smelled soooo bad! We have no idea what caused it but it did not stop Diana from being baptized. 

President also told me that I'll be training soon so I'm guessing next transfer I'll get a boy! I'm so excited for that.

CREW!!!!! you got baptised!!!!! How do you feel???? I remember when i was baptized. It was the best day ever. I wish I could have been there with everyone. 

The other night my trainer, Elder Erickson, gave me a call. He's going home this week! I'm so old. He's so old! He's planning on coming to my homecoming talk, so you guys will be able to meet the legend. haha.

We've have some great miracles this week. One of our investigators, Rio, invited three of his friends to join us on our next teach on Saturday! And we're also teaching a new family from Brazil, named the Araujo's. They're great. Really humble people. And Tim came to church. Even though we dropped him.... we're still on good terms, though, which is good. 

Life is just great right now. It'll be kind of crazy these next few weeks with the move and a new comp but change and new stuff is good. It makes us grow. It allows us to learn a lot. 

Dad, Bishop Bailey did sent me your talk. I liked it a lot. Prayer is such a simple yet amazing tool that the Lord has given us. I will say though, it would have been much more enjoyable if those little girls in the audience wouldn't have been yelling and stuff. haha. 

Oh, and Sam, my old Boss. Great vid.  Thanks.  Man, that guy is great. Hopefully there will still be some people I know by the time I get back. I miss Chipotle so much!

I love you guys. Don't let anything get you down. It doesn't matter what happens. It only matters what we are doing.

Elder Glasgow

Pic. Oxford District playing in the rain...

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