Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Dear Family,

This week has been the craziest week of my mission so far. Lemme tell you... On Tuesday we had to move. Which means Monday was completely gone because we had to get ready for that. So, on Tuesday we also had DLC which meant that Elder Herrod had to go on an e-exchange with Elder Greere so that he could go to Reading, and me and Elder Lam had to do the move. The Office Elder came over with a van by 9 and we were out of there by 1030, but then the Letting Agents had to do a walk-through which was super nerve racking. Then the biggest problem, though, was getting the keys to the new Flat. We didn't get them until 530 that evening.... so we had to go contacting all day and we kept having to move the van around so we weren't breaking any parking rules, but we got the keys and are moved in! It was a crazy day. And then the next day we had a District Meeting to set some transfer goals and then we missed a bus, and that was just not fun. Then Thursday we had Zone training and me and Elder Herrod had to give a presentation on seeking the spirit (it was super great) all how to overcome pride and unworthiness so that we can have the spirit at all times. Anyways, Friday we went on an Interfaith Walk which was suuuuper cool because we met a whole lot of Jews and Muslims and Christians and Catholics and just loads of people, and we had lots of great conversations and went into the Mosque and the Synagogue. Sweet. Then there was a fire in southern Oxford so we couldn't get a bus, so we had to stay at the Chinese Elders Flat on the floor and I am just so tired. 

Yup. But we did see lots of miracles. There's a whole load of BYU students here for a short Study Abroad and they've helped us a lot. It's really nice. We're going to go have lunch with them tomorrow

Man, I miss Cub Scouts, Pinewood Derbies, Campouts... all that stuff. I just love Scouting. I hope I get to be in Young Mens when I get home. That would be the best. 

Just so you know, the winter was not that terrible. It was suuuuper rainy and there was a couple nights where we were contacting and everyone seems so confused when they opened their door to see two soaking wet young men trying to share a message with them about Jesus. haha. We did get a few investigators from that. It was fun. 

Right now the weather is just wonderful. The new Flat is great. The new comp is just great. I'm doing great. 

I love you guys so much!

Elder Glasgow

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