Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

Dear Family,

Oxford has just been completely bonkers ever since the move and new comp. We just can't have a regular week! Yesterday was Stake Conference and Elder Moreira from the Seventy was there. There was also a Saturday session. Elder Moriera is the man! He gave some wonderful talks and was really funny. And afterwards he took loads of time to talk to as many people as he could. even me and Elder Herrod! He's a very christlike individual and makes me want to work so much harder!

Our investigator pool has been all over the place this week. Just to throw out a few names you guys can pray for: Tim, Caroline, Maurito, Rio and the Araujo's. We just need time to meet with them and some miracles to happen.

So, about the World Cup. We are not allowed to watch it. In fact, Pres has asked the Zone Leaders to ask everyone if they have watched any of it. I don't know what the concequences are but we haven't watched any. It really hasn't effected any of the work at all, yet. 

I'm so glad to hear from you all. I would like to share with you guys one of my comps favorite scriptures. "All things have been done in the wisdom of him that knoweth all things."  2 Ne. 2:24. It's really that simple. Look unto Him. Doubt not, fear not. If we are following the commandments and being good people, we need not worry. The Lord will provide. Though there may be struggles, and sacrifices may need to be made, the Lord always provides. 

I'm so sad to hear about Grandma Stapley. I just love that woman. She took me in as one of her own. 

Well guys, I don't have loads of time because we're going to go play some football at the park with the District.  And even if my letters sometimes aren't super great and long, remember, always, that I do love you. 


Elder Glasgow

Pic.  Elder Herod's mom sent some Taco Bell sauce and Refried Beans.  I'm in disbelief.  Oh, Baby!!

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