Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for you emails this week. It's good to hear about everything that's going on back in the good ol' AZ. 

​I always loved going over to Preacher Canyon for Fathers & Sons and Ward Campouts.  Those were the best, even when it did rain a bit.  Still, fun stuff.  And the monsoons!  Oh, how I miss those so much!  The rain here is just so annoying and cold - not like AZ rain.  Even the thunder and lightning here is different.  I don't like it very much.  No comparison.

This week went alright.  I think there's been a lot of opposition experienced by the whole District, but really that just means something good is about to happen.  We had some good Service Projects this week, as well.  We helped a family move and then one of the Wards got together and we cleared out someones very overgrown garden.  I got to use a scythe!  It was so cool!  Sadly, I don't have any pictures.... maybe the Tanner's took some. I'll have to ask on Thursday though... hmm.  But it was super cool! 

So, Oxford is quite the diverse place.  In just one day we can meet anyone from Nigeria to Brazil to Australia and everywhere in between.  You can meet a Catholic, a Jew, a Muslim, a Born Again, a Hindu, an Atheist, and another Latter-Day Saint all in one day!  It's really cool.  I'm always picking up new words in different languages, too. 

So, next week is Transfer, and I feel like my time here in Oxford may be coming to a close.  We had interviews with President on Friday and I asked him about it.  He hasn't made any of the calls yet, so he couldn't tell me for sure.  But he hinted a bit to me getting out of here.  We'll find out on Saturday... oh well. 

How many baptisms has the Windsor Ward had since I left?!  It seems like another person is getting baptized every other week!!!!  The Ward is going to be so different when I get back!

I heard about Truman (Crocket).  That's so cool he's leaving already.  And I heard Tyler (Whitehead) is already out there, too!  I saw what Hamilton (Crocket) was up to the other day.  He's a Zone Leader in Punta Arenas - the coolest place in all of Chile to be! 

This coming week should be good.  We have two families we are working with, a Brazilian one and a Polish one.  I can't spell either of their last names so we'll just leave it at that. haha.   We're also going to have a work-over with the Zone Leaders on Friday and then someone in the ward is getting married on Saturday and we'll be helping out with that as well!  Lots to do!

I love all you guys.  I'll be sending some letters soon, too.

Elder Glasgow

(Another pix set with the Harry Potter Hogwarts connection to Oxford Divinity College...)

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