Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Dear Family,

I got your letters just yesterday when the Zone Leaders came by to inspect our Flat. Thank you so much! I love getting your emails every week but something about handwritten letters are special. I've kept every one anyone has ever sent to me thus far, and I enjoy reading them again from time to time. When I first came out into the field I was afraid I might get home sick from all the correspondence with home, but I soon realized that I just love hearing about all the wonderful things that are happening back home and they strengthen my testimony of the gospel every time. That may just be my strongest testimony of the gospel - how it blesses families. 

As you guys can guess with a sick comp, this week has been pretty slow. We didn't get out on the streets until Friday. The Ward helped us out a lot, though. They brought us plenty of food and were very supportive. We missed Zone Conference, sadly.  Haha. Elder McCammon and I are the very first of President Millar's missionaries who have missed a Zone Conference because of illness. I don't know if that's something good to be remembered by, but I laughed a bit when I heard that statistic.

A brand new missionary has joined the District here in Oxford! She's from Italy. Her name is Sister Finnase (I'm not too sure how to spell it....) but she is a fireball! She's only been a member of the church for a year but her spirit is so strong! Italians are just great. 

We also have found a new family this week to teach! They are from Poland. I can't remember their surname though.... its really long and polish but they are a great family and we're really excited to work with them. 

Chase - I am doing super great. We go all over the streets of Oxford every day talking to people and finding the elect. The rain can be a challenge sometimes and it forces us to knock doors but I enjoy it a lot. Sadly, I don't have any sort of an accent, though, which I'm sure you noticed  last Christmas.  But I know you noticed as well that I do have the vocab of an Englishmen. I really enjoy their style, and I learn so much every day! Man, it's the best!

Brittnee - I'm really glad my letter helped, and thank you again for yours. 

Dad - Tell me your thoughts on PMG ch 1. It's my favorite chapter and I want to know what you think about it. 

I beleive this is going to be a great week. I have some exchanges planned and even 2 baptisms in the District are happening this Saturday. Pray for them, please. 

Read the new Ensign - the August one. It's the best!

I love all you guys. 

Elder Glasgow

(wasn't this tree in one of the Harry Potter movies?)

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