Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

Dear Family,

Well, as I alluded to earlier in the week, I'm moving! Yup, on Wednesday I pack my bags and I'll be off to Welling, a.k.a., South-East LONDON! Woohoo! I'm so stoked. My new comp is Elder Ye and he is from China! And my last comp, Elder Herrod is one of the Zone Leaders there! And one of my good friends, Elder Jackman, who was also my MTC District Leader, will be one of the Wandworth Zone Leaders, so he'll be just a few miles from me! It's all so exciting! I've a lot of stories from elder Herrod about Welling. It's kind of like little Africa. So I'll probably have lots of interesting stories for you all soon, and the people, and food. 

Anywho... Thank you so much for the letters and thanks for the bit of cash mom. It helps a lot. 

I always loved camping with Dad and the brothers so much. I definitely  plan on doing a fair bit of camping when I get back. I'll take Crew and Chase all over the place. 

This week was really good for the District and myself as well. We're still working with the Polish family and the Maxamiano's as well. The Maxamiano's make the most delicious Brazilian sweets ever, and our polish family is going to feed us on Tuesday, as well! I wonder what Polish food is like. 

I'm going to miss being here in Oxford a lot, though. I've made a lot of really good friends; missionaries, members, and investigators, alike. And now I have to leave them all. The work is going so well here, too!  An Elder from Switzerland is coming here to replace me as well, Elder Mossner. I think that's how you spell it.... it has two little dots above the o so I think it's German. Elder Astorga, my comp, is going to Southampton to be a District Leader, and an Aussie from my MTC group is coming here to Witney. So, I'm missing out on it all. 

Grandma is almost done with her mission?!! Where has time gone?!! Oh boy. Now I'm just thinking about everything that is going to happen soon. In three months I turn 20, then Christmas, and then it gets warmer, and them I'm home! GAAHH!!! 

*ahem* sorry, I'll get over it - like I always do. 

Read the Book of Mormon and study Preach My Gospel. Christ is simple, and so is the gospel, and the simple stuff is in there. 


Elder Glasgow

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