Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 13, 2014

Dearest Family,

Well, another week here and gone in London. Time flies much too fast here. We can never really manage to get all that we want done in a week. All sorts of appointments and service and dinners with members and investigators and studying and meetings. It's just crazy sometimes. But I love it. I love teaching people and eating African food and gardening and studying the gospel. Oh how I love studying the gospel. It is one of my favorite pastimes here on the mission. 

​Thank you so very much for the letters this week. I know sometimes it can be difficult to write long, nice, lovely letters when nothing really happens during the week. I struggled soooo much to write Aubrey and Cedar. I would pick up the pen…. and just sit there….. and think….and think….and think….and then I would write a line…. and then crumple it up and get a new piece of paper and start aaallll over again. I'm excited for this little package, though. You guys are the best. 

Sadly this p-day wasn't as epic as the last. We kind of just wandered around and I ended up finding a good jacket that will last me through the winter. I like it a lot. Nice and British, with toggles. haha. 

Grandma- I feel for you. I'm soooo tired all the time. Missionary work is tiring. 

To answer your questions.  Dad: there isn't that much nationalism in England. It's a very old country and I think the people are tired right now; at least where I live. There are loads of Africans anyway, so they are much more proud of Africa. haha. The work is moving. We've been having a lot of success working with members, getting referrals and getting people back to church. One lady in particular, Jackie, has been meeting with the missionaries for ages. She knows it's all true but she just can't shake off smoking. We'll be taking her to the Addiction Recovery course tomorrow, though. That program works miracles. I love what they teach there. Elder Ye and I are doing great. We both enjoy spicy food and that's enough for him. haha. This weekend he's going to be taking the IELTS test (Int'l English Language Testing System), so that he can apply to BYU, so I'm helping him prepare for that. Hopefully he will pass. The District is great. Elder Ertmann is the new guy. He's only been out six months. He's from Morgan, Utah, and is neighbors with my MTC comp, Elder Butterfield! He's a great guy. Proper small town Utah boy. I love him. There's a handful of missionaries from England here, but the bulk are from America. I think we have missionaries from like 50 different countries, though… something like that. It's pretty cool. As for sisters, I'm guessing maybe 80-100 of the 250 missionaries in the Mission?  The Senior couples always talk about how much they LOVE it here. 

Oh! so Elder Schumann finished his mission, so we got a new Zone Leader and guess who it is??!! It's Elder Rogers! Yeah! Both of my Zone Leaders have been my companions. It's so weird, but I love them both and am really glad I get to serve around them again. 

This coming week is really busy for us. We are having Zone Conference on Wednesday. Elder Adler, from the Seventy, will be there. The next day is District Leader Council, and Saturday is Elder Ye's test and there will be two baptisms as well. One was taught by the Zone Leaders. His name is John and he's only 11. His family went less active for a while but one day the Mum felt she needed to go back so she did and now her son is getting baptized. He's a great kid. I really enjoyed interviewing him. The other is Paul. He's a middle-aged fellow who was taught by the other Elders in the District and I'll be interviewing him this week. I hope he's ready. I taught him on exchange awhile ago. We'll see how it goes. 

So, last night we had dinner with a family and they had proper American pickles! Those don't exist here, just so you know. Only these nasty things called gherkins, eww. The dad was raised in American so he always gets his parents to sent him stuff from the states. haha. 

Well, that's pretty much my week. Moves (again, I dislike tri's so much!), new missionaries, baptism interview, member work, and all the other good stuff. 

Thanks again for the letters. They help a lot. 

I love you guys,

Elder Glasgow

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