Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Dearest Family,

General Conference is the greatest thing in the world!  We are so blessed to have Prophets, Apostles and Seers here on the earth today preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It's truly wonderful.  I just love it.  Sadly, I haven't been able to watch all of it, yet.  Only all the the Sessions from Saturday.  I think the Saturday afternoon Session was my favorite, ever.  Elder Anderson and that Ukrainian guy (Elder Klebingat).  Wow!  The Ukrainian guy was my favorite, rivaling Elder Cook's talk in the Priesthood Session.  He knows how to lay it down!  I'm super excited to listen to the rest of it.  I'll be downloading it after I'm done emailing everyone.  We'll be getting the November Ensign here so don't worry about sending me one.

Winter is finally here in England.  It's been raining on us for the last few days.  It was a beautiful summer, though.  I'm surprised it lasted all the way through September.  I heard somewhere that it was the hottest September in a long long time here.  I enjoyed it a lot. :)  I still miss the AZ life, though.  It's so nice over there. Seriously, though, I do like cloudy skies.  But maybe that's the remnant of the AZ kid in me that has survived all this time.  Gray skies are nice. 

London is so much different that anywhere I've been.  SOOOO different!  It looks different, it smells different, the atmosphere even feels different.  It's just its own place.  Super different from Oxford and the Isle of Wight.  I can't decide where I like most, though.  All of my areas have been legendary!

So, you'll be happy to know that last week our District got Presidents approval to go to Central London!  I have soooo many pictures this week and I know you guys will love them so much.  I loved it!!  It was so surreal to be there.  I never thought I would have the chance!  There was Big Ben, the London Eye (that huge ferris wheel thing), and Westminster Cathedral and all!  It was great!  Loads of fun.  The Queen was even at Buckingham palace when we walked by! 

I'm glad to hear everyone is so busy, too, especially Chase.  Being busy is good.  It keeps you occupied, not lazy. Laziness is bad.  Chase, even if the volleyball team stinks that doesn't mean you have to stink.  Lead by example and show 'em who's Boss.  Do Work!! 

As for our investigators, John and Tasha are really difficult to tie down.  They are so solid when we get them nailed down and just teach, but when we aren't around it's harder.  But, we will persist.  We will take the Ballard approach and Follow Up. (April 2014 GC)  We also watched a Session of Conference with Du and her kids.  Du was very attentive during it all and I'm guessing she will watch more on her own. 

District News:  Elder Embulu is leaving to Waterloo and Elder Da Bisschop is getting a new comp.  So, we'll be in a Three-some 'til Wednesday.  Don't like Tri's.  They're a bit awkward. 

Man, time is just flying.  One more transfer and I'll be 20, and one more after that is Christmas!  Crazy. 

To answer your question mom.  PMG - A study of Doctrine will improve behavior much much faster than a study of behavior.  True doctrine, understood, changes lives.  It's as simple as that, really.

I hope you guys have a great week.  Enjoy my pictures.  Don't get too jelly ;D

Love you guys,

Elder Glasgow

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