Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Dear Family,
When you talk to your family and friends only once a week time flies by much too fast. Much too fast. My little niece, Campbell, is already a month old! I feel like she was only born a few days ago. It's so strange. She looks so cute, though. I can't wait to see her for real. Is she strictly Campbell or does she go by Bell for short? And who is your photographer??
This week has been pretty crazy for me. We had DLC (District Leader Conference), which was pretty intense. Last Transfer the mission had a big change in how we do missionary work by cutting out street teaches. And this Transfer we've been doing lots of fine tuning. The Mission Training Plan consists of three big focuses: Finding by Revelation, Accountability to the Lord, and Teaching People, Not Lessons.  Accountability to the Lord is my main focus for the District, though. I'm training myself that whenever a situation is presented before me I ask myself, ''is this going to help me fulfill my purpose as a missionary?'' A missionary in DLC brought up a very interesting concept. So we have a little white handbook full of rules, right? Well, he narrowed the whole thing down to 2 rules. Always remember your purpose as a missionary and always be wise and mature in your conduct. And that was it. When we follow those 2 rules, the rest kind of just come along with it. Of course there's been mistakes in the past so that's why there's all the little details in between, but if we are following those 2 rules, the rest are easy.
Zone Conference was one of my favorite. Elder Adler, of the Seventy, came and talked with us. It was his very first Mission tour but he did very well. Most of the Zone Conference was based off of a talk given by some guy to a mission in the states. Its called the Donaldson's papers. It is a wonderful piece of Doctrine, and how to improve as a missionary. I'll send it to you guys to check it out. It's really cool. What President Millar taught us about was teaching like Angels. Exciting huh? It's really cool.
Elder Ye took the IELTS on Saturday in Lewisham, so it involved me waiting outside for like 4 or something like that hours while he took it. It seemed like an eternity. But if he did good he'll be able to go to BYU. I hope he did alright. He had to pay a pretty penny for that test.
We didn't really have loads of time to work this week. We were able to teach John, though. Tasha was out and about so we didn't get to teach her but John is doing really good. They are trying their hardest to understand the Book of Mormon and find out if this is all true. Pray hard with me so that they will. They are a great family that the church could benefit so greatly from.
Next week should be good for us, though. We'll have lots more time to get out and teach and find new people that the Lord is placing in our path.
That sounds pretty gutting to hear that Sis. Bickmore is leaving. She left quite a legacy in the Windsor Ward. Remember the next one that comes has just as much power and authority as the last. Keep on helping them.
Today we're going to go play some ping pong at the chapel. We're almost running out of ideas for p-day..... oh well. I didn't take any pictures this week but hopefully I'll be able to get some off Elder Herrod and I'll send them in a bit.
I love you guys and pray for you all everyday.
Elder Glasgow

(my District before last Transfer)

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