Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for the letters this week. They always mean a lot to me. I finally got both packages you guys sent, just yesterday. Thanks for the cars Crew, I'll play with them every day. And thanks for the letters. They help. There's just something really special about hand written letters. And don't worry, I won't open up the birthday package until Saturday

Time is just flying by so fast. I only have 5 more days as a teenager. No more childhood. That's a sad thought. Speaking of childhood, I listened to a really great talk about children. It was by Brad Wilcox. Not only was it hilarious but it also taught me a lot. He explains that as we grow up we loose things; things that all children have, but are forgotten as we grow up. These things are self-esteem, love, wisdom and faith. Little kids are just chalk full of that stuff. Christ taught that unless we become as little children we cannot return to live with Him. I think those four attributes are a great place to start.

So, my new comp, his name is Elder Flavius Byron. He's from the countryside of St. Lucia. He is a convert of 3 years and has been on a mission for about 16 months, 9 of that in the West Indies. He actually served in the same ward as Kyle Brown for a bit, and the rest here in London South. He had to learn English when he came here because he only knew French. You should email him sometime, Dad, He is a really great guy. I'm doing my best to help him with his English but I'm still trying to work out what is most effective. I enjoy serving with him. He's really funny and has quite the history. 

This week was pretty crazy for us though. We had to clean the Flat because of Transfer, and then Elder Ye took the key with him to Oxford! When he mailed it back all that arrived was an empty envelope! So, we had to go cut a new one. It was a process! And then the Key Code to get into our Flat stopped working and Elder Herrod lost the fob awhile ago so we had to call to get a new password and hopefully we'll be getting a new fob as well because the password will only last so long.... whew. 

Some of our investigators dropped out this week, but the most promising ones are still around. Last night we were able to see John and Tasha. They are doing really well. Tasha loves what we are teaching her but John stuggles. He is very apprehensive about it all and stuggles to read the Book of Mormon. Last night we read Alma 7 with them, and talked about Jesus Christ, and they liked it a lot.

Tomorrow the London missions get to go to Hyde Park, and see Elder Cook! I'm really excited about it all and am awaiting the wisdom he will share with us. Tonight we are starting a Fast to prepare ourselves for it. There will also be District Leader Council and Zone Training coming up. So we'll be really busy. 

Thanks again for the letters and prayers. I pray for you guys every night. I love you guys.

Elder Glasgow

pic. our plan of salvation display from last week. sweet

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