Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for the birthday package. I made those Brownies last night and they were delicious. I'm going to buy some extra milk today so I can make that pudding. I'm so excited for that. It's little things like brownies and pudding that you forget about on the mission, but then someone reminds you and then you miss them soooo much, then a great family, like yourselves, sends them and it's just the best. 

Thanksgiving was really good this year. We actually had to have it a day early because of some appointments we set up... but it was good. We had Thanksgiving as a District. We bought a whole turkey and Elder Ertmann put it all together. That guy knows how to bake. It was so good! I have some pictures of the turkey and stuff. 

My birthday was really good, too. The other Elders bought me some Dunkin Donuts and a member in the Ward will be baking me a cake on Tuesday. She was upset that she forgot. But it's not really a problem. 

I got to shake my 4th Apostles hand on Tuesday, too! Elder Quentin L. Cook came over to Hyde Park and talked with both of the London Missions. It was really great to see some of my old MTC District there and even my old comp, Elder Butterfield. There were so many missionaries, and Elder Cook was great. He talked all about the heritage of the mission and PMG. Did you know that Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball walked the banks of the Thames in Woolwich??? I was just there two days ago!! And did you know that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and and Elder Cook were companions in England? Super cool!

Man, I miss all the good AZ stuff like hiking and shooting guns and just all of it.  It sounds like you've been having some fun. 

This week has been really good to us. We've met lots of good people and picked up a really solid investigator named Summer. She is a friend of one of the families here. She came to church and also brought along a less active YSA that hadn't been to church for 4 years! We'll be seeing them both this week. 

John and Tasha are doing really good, too. John struggles to read but when you sit him down and read with him, he understands just great. They are really excited for the Christmas party the Ward is putting on as well. 

The french speaking guy is my comp dad!   He is from the French speaking side of St. Lucia and is learning English. It would be really nice if you could send him a quick message in French. He's had the craziest life ever. Seriously. I'm going to write his autobiography. It's that great. 

Cousin Bentley is in Paris??!! That's so cool!

Thanks for putting some cash in my account. I'm going over to Bromley with Elder Herrod today and we'll look for something that suits me (haha punny, Suits) It will be nice to spend the day with him, too. I love that guy. And yes, after the mish I'll be going to to San Diego all the time to hang out with Elder Herrod and Elder Jackman. They will probably come to AZ a couple of times, too. 

As for Chirstmas.... I dunno. You can probably just wander around Walmart and get me some random stuff that you think will strike my fancy. I will love it all. I'm going to be sending home a small package for everyone, too. 

Thanks again for everything. I love you all so much. Go on this website and share this video on your Facebooks! That means all of you! He is the Gift

Thanks, and loves

Elder Glasgow 

Haha!  Notice the pic behind me and Elder Herrod!

This didn't last long! Mmmmmm!

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