Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Dear Family,

I am doing just grand in this New Year. Sutton is a nice place. We have a wonderful District and we are already all really good friends. The Flat's pretty good - has a funny smell, but I'll get used to it. Hard wood floors and a Ping Pong table (don't worry, we only play on p-days!) There's also a super stellar Ward here. And 6 missionaries who go to the ward as well (2 are the AP's). 

It's sooo much different than Welling. Like, Huge. There are so many white people here. Sutton barely makes the cusp of London, though. It's more Surrey than London, but people still call it London. 

Elder Pulman and I are doing good together. He's a really good guy. He loves everyone around him and is really good at teaching and addressing concerns. The only thing is that he absolutely hates finding. He despises it with a passion. Street contacting and knocking. So, I'm going to be slowly working him into that favorite pastime. In the meantime we've been doing lots of Less-Active work, getting to know the members, and pursuing Service activities. It is nice to broaden our horizons, though, and try some things that I haven't done much on my mission. This week we're going to stop by the Salvation Army and see if we can help out there. We are also going to get involved with the Youth. 

The week before I got here literally all of the investigators dropped because of anti-mormon material, so we don't really have anyone we're working with right now, other than some part-member families which I still need to get to know better. 

I really enjoy my new suit. It fits me really well and I like the color and pattern. And speaking of clothes... Mom, my nice looking black shoes are not going to make it too many more weeks with all the walking I do here in Sutton. I'm going to need to buy another pair, soon. It being New Year, there are lots of good sales going on, so the quicker I can buy a pair the cheaper they will be!

I'm so happy to hear about all the progress you guys are making spiritually as a family. I contribute so much of my success and happiness to the amount of time I spend praying and reading the scriptures. The scriptures really are  the words of Christ and they will tell you all the things which ye should do. 

Thanks again for all the letters and support you guys give me. It helps so much. I love you all!

Elder Glasgow

Final Day in Welling.  Elders Alambra, Ertmann, Byron, Me

Sa-weeeet!!  Mmm, mmm, mmm!!!  Just what I need.

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