Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Dear Family,

Well well well, its been quite the week here in Sutton. Here's my new address...

3 Kingfisher Court
37 Grove Road
Sutton, Surrey

Already week 2 here. It's nice here. Our Ward is really good and we have a stellar Ward Mission Leader. Brother Leppard. He is a doctrinal scholar and knows how to magnify his calling. I love working with him. There's also lots of Americans in the ward. It kind of reminds me of Oxford. 

This week we've done a bit of finding and did some service. We went to the Visitor Centre and watched "Meet the Mormons". It was sooooo great! We went to a Youth Super Saturday and taught the Youth about missionary work. It's been really good. 

Elder Pulman and I are having a good time together, as well. He's a really fun guy to have around. It's nice. He really loves everyone around him. 

Today I got to go to London again! All of the District really wanted to go so we called up the ZL's and they passed us. We stopped by Big Ben, Westminster Catherdral and Abbey, Trafalgar Square (we even took a quick look around the National Gallery) and Buckingham Palace. It's always so cool to go into central London. 

So, my comp was on Exchanges with another missionary in our District, the other day, and they were heading over to another part of the area when they got stopped by the Travel Police to check their tickets. They were just outside of their travel zone so the were technically breaking some laws. Elder Pulman had zero cash and zero ID to give to the police, but they ended up calling President Millar to verify, which he did. And, luckily, one of the Police ladies knew missionaries from Addlestone so Elder Pulman only had to buy the 4 pound ticket and they were off the hook. Lucky Ducks. President Millar wasn't too happy about all that... but it's all okay now. 

We picked up a former investigator this week. Her name is Sophie. She's really nice but has a few worthiness things to work on. We also got a referral from one of the members! We're hopefully teaching them on Tuesday

My pics of London will come next week, so you'll have to wait..... also! i'm going to need a new pair of shoes soon!

That's pretty much all to report this week. I love you guys!!!

Elder Glasgow

Buckingham Palace. Elder Pulman and I are on the ends.

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