Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

Dear Family,

Haha, thank you so much for the letters and pictures this week, they are so great. Dad, Elder Pulman says howdy. BTW, he wants to visit, Summer of 2016. And what's up with Drews hair????? Flipping heck! I am so glad to hear about Jace (Hancock). I miss that kid alot. I'll always remember the day he knocked on the door when we moved here to see if I wanted to play with him. Great times ever since... 

I dunno if you guys have been talking about it at all or anything.... but I do get home soon and honestly.... I just wanna show up at the airport and have you guys waiting there for me. Is that alright?

So as for the past two weeks, it's been a blast! We've been teaching Howard and found a new less active family to work with. They're a goofy bunch but it should be good. We also took a part member family to the Visitor's Centre and watched "Meet the Mormons". Really great! Maybe I told you about them, Dianne and Paul? They need to get married before getting baptized.... but we are getting there! 

Funny story/miracle. We were getting onto a train at Malden Manor Station and Elder Pulman called Dianne to update her about our situation and he put the phone down on the bench and I meant to remind him about it but I didn't.... and then the train came so we left! And the phone was still on the bench.... But we went and watched the movie and tried to call it from the Visitor's Center, but to no avail. But afterwards (it was a super great time at the Temple. Elder byron was there haha) we went back to the station to look for the phone and we couldn't find it.... but as we were walking out I saw a little paper on the help desk folded over so I went over to look at it and there was our phone with a little paper saying when they found it and such! Soooooo grateful we found the phone. 

Howard also referred his cousin to us so were are teaching him as well! Cool guy. 

On Wednesday we were at Rosemary's having lunch and I got to ride her mobility scooter. I'll send the video. So much fun.  

I didn't take any pictures last week of the owl stuff but tomorrow I'll be going over there again so I'll get some. 

Happy British Mother's Day, mom!

Thanks again for all the letters and such. I'm doing just fine over here. On Wednesday we'll be going to a Zone Conference for a Mission Tour with Elder Dych. Should be good. 

I love you guys!

Elder Glasgow

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