Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Dear Family,

Thank you again and again and again for the letters this week. I love them every time.

I'm doing good this week. We just had Stake Conference, yesterday. It was really nice. The speakers were President and Sister Millar, President and Sister Crossland, from the Temple Presidency and the Stake Presidency. A lot was about the spirit. President Millar's talk stood out to me a lot. It was about the Liahona and the scriptures. The Liahona guided Lehi's family through the wilderness. It was dependent on their faith and diligence to keep the commandments. The scriptures are the same. If we have faith and are righteous, not only will we gain knowledge from the scriptures but intelligence from our obedience.

This week has been pretty crazy for us. Lots of our plans fell through and lots of our appointments were cancelled. Nevertheless it was a good week. The Ward here is just great. Yesterday we were invited by the Bishop to the Youth Fireside at his house. There is a solid bunch of youth here. I like it. We want to start working with them more. It's kind of hard when we don't have a Chapel to meet in but we'll try our best. We are going to start putting on Ultimate Frisbee every Saturday morning. I bet the youth will love it.

Funny thing... so, ever since I started serving with Elder Pulman, my last comp, I've have the chance to learn how to play the guitar. So, I've been playing for like 3 months now and I've already had loads of chances to share it with others. There's a less-active man here who has a non-member family, and we are working a lot with them. I've gotten to be really good friends with James and it turns out that he also plays the guitar and we are going to have a jam session soon. There's also a Priest in the Ward here who plays and he wants to jam with me and Elder Fairbourn, as well. It's just amazing how improving our talents can do so much good around us.

On a side note - Happy 53rd birthday dad. I love you.

We have picked up another new investigator this week as well. His name is Pedro. He's talked to us about a dozen times in the street over the past month or two. He's a real funny guy. He's atheist but he loves the Mormon church! We'll be teaching him on Saturday I believe. I'm excited to see how it goes.

So, how to be a good Ward Mission Leader. Lets see....
A good Ward Mission Leader:
-Sets the example for member missionary work in the Ward
-Studies Preach My Gospel
-Follows up with his full-time and Ward Missionaries
-Holds a weekly Correlation Meeting (preferably with members of the ward council in attendance)
-Goes out on teaches with the Missionaries
-Works closely with the Bishop in the conversion, retention and reactivation process of the people in his area
-Knows the ward members all by name
-Arranges activities that both the members and missionaries can bring their friends and investigators to. (working with auxiliary leaders of course!)

I can't think of anything else....

But this week was good. Next week should be good too. I'll get to go to church for the 2nd time since moving here. haha.

I love you all and miss you.

Elder Glasgow

P-day at Torquay

More Torquay

Me and Elder Fairbourn in Ogwell

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