Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

Dear Family,
Well, well, well. Another week gone by on the good old mission. Thank you for the letters this week. I'm sad to hear about Bro. Waite. Sister Waite was one of my Primary teachers. I always enjoyed her lessons and learned a lot. We do have quite a wonderful ward back there, though, and I'm sure you guys are doing your best to help her.
I can't wait to see everyone when I get home. So many stories to share! I want to have a big mission potluck with the gang one day. That would be so cool.
Has the Volleyball season already been going? Why haven't I been updated on this stuff??? Is Chase the Varsity setter? I need to see some footage of him playing.
So, maybe I should finally tell you guys a bit about Elder Fairbourn. First and foremost, I love the guy. He's really great to be around. He's from Logan, Utah. Some of his hobbies include Ultimate Frisbee, Hiking, Camping and just being outside in general. We want to hang out when I get back. He might even be at my homecoming if all works out. We also got the great idea to build proper dugout canoes together. I'm pumped for it.
He did get sick this week, which wasn't super fun but we did manage to get some work done. Got another new investigator. His name is Andy, and he even came to church! It was really great. It was actually his first time ever coming to a church in general. I think he enjoyed it. Made a few friends there.
We also went guitar contacting this week. It was pretty sweet. I put together some hymns to sing to and play with the guitar on the High Street. People enjoyed it. One lady asked when I was gonna release an album. haha.
Other than that.... not much. Just finding and visiting members and serving them and all that lot!
Thank you so much for the letters this week. You guys are great.
I love you all!
Elder Glasgow

Guitar Contacting

Buckfast Abbey

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