Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
So, about an hour ago I was sitting in the McBride's house (they're the Senior couple here) just about going crazy, borderline freaking out. Last night, being the wonderful citizens we try to be, we saw that the Recycling bin was out for pickup, so we took out our recycling because it was piling up in the kitchen quite nicely. Luckily, my companion and I were both wearing shoes, but we took no thought in bringing keys or the phone or anything else for that matter, because we were just taking the recycling out to the street. But after a series of unfortunate events (well, I guess it was just one event...) we locked ourselves outside of our Flat.... So we wandered over to the Mcbride's (who didn't have a spare) and ended up spending the night in their Flat.
The next day (this morning) we woke up and decided to call the Office because if anyone knows how to get us out of this it's the office. But no, they didn't have the right number for our Landlord and, according to them, we have both keys.... which were in the Flat. But after a lucky phone call to our Ward Mission Leader, it turns out that they have the spare. So we got back to our Flat at 10am this morning and now I'm here. So yeah, quite an eventful last 16 hours....
Anywho. Thank you so much for all the emails this week. I loved reading every last one of them and seeing all the pictures! I didn't get a video of Chase playing volleyball, though.
So, my week. I'm going to be honest, it was a bit of a doozy. Elder Fairbourn has been sick all week and then on Friday he had an allergic reaction to some medication and now he's on a trial run to see if he's lactose intolerant.... So its been pretty crazy. 

We lost contact, for a bit, with our paraplegic friend, Andy, but we found him again and will be seeing him next week. He is doing alright. We're going to go have a BBQ at his house with the Sisters and teach him about prayer. It should be good. James and his family are doing alright. Hopefullly we'll have time to teach him this week. This week will be a busy one, though. We are going all the way to Crawley for IPad Training. Oh boy. It's Mission Conference so it will be really nice to see everyone there. 

Lately, Elder Fairbourn and I have been struggling to get some quality work in, but this week we will be striving for perfect, exact, and over-the-top obedience to whip us into shape. I feel that as my due date gets closer and closer I get more and more tired. But we'll do our best to push through and get past it.
Last night we hade an extra Sacrament Meeting over in Tiegnmouth with a couple of the members and Less Actives over there. It was really great. Elder Fairbourn and I got to pass the Sacrament. The talks they gave were wonderful and the spirit was so strong there. It's been different going to a school where we meet in right now. It's kind of noisy and bleak and lots of members don't come out because of that, so it was really nice to just meet in a nice little cozy place and enjoy it all.
So, that was pretty much my week. Thank you again for the emails. They're the best.
I love you all!
Elder Glasgow

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