Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

Dear Family,
This week has been a good'un.  Matthew is doing great.  Today he is up in Aldershot taking an assessment thing so he can join the military.  But, his baptism is coming along right on schedule.  I'll get his email to you guys next week so you can shoot him something.  I bet he would like that.  But, he's doing great.  I couldn't have asked for a better investigator.
On Thursday, teh 12th, we went to the Temple.  It was wonderful!  The three-hour train ride there and back wasn't so great. There was LOADS of fog over there in East Grinstead, so I could not get any pictures at all of the Temple.  It would have been a massive blur.  But, I did enjoy the session.  Everyone was so excited to see the new film.  They asked me questions before because I had already seen it - but nope!  That's not allowed.  I just told them it was amazing and they agreed after the session.
As for my Christmas package, I didn't get it while I was at the Mission Office, but I wouldn't worry too much about it.  It'll get to me eventually.  I still haven't sent any cards, yet, but I will try today.  I may just send them all home to you guys, if that's alright.
So, I don't know when or if I will be Skyping on Christmas Day.  I'll probably call you guys in the evening so you can expect a call sometime in the afternoon.  I'll sort it out this week and get it all ready.
Haha, great story about Bro. Blaylock.  I miss him.  He's great.  Maybe I should write the Priests Quorum, sometime.  Could you get me Bro. Yamamotos email?  You might as well shoot me Bro. Blaylock's as well.

*Editor's Note: The family and I were waiting for our turn for Tithing Settlement yesterday.  Before church I whipped up the family's favorite chicken dinner and left it cooking in the oven.  Bro. Blaylock was recently called to the Bishopric and had a minute to sit and visit in between all the Bishopric business after church.  He sat next to me, then stiffened up in the chair and said, "Oh, my gosh!  Do you smell that?!  Who's cooking chicken in the church?!  It's killing me.  I'm starving!"  I stuffed my sleeve under his nose.  "Oh, my gosh, it's you!  Come here, let me smell you".  He wrapped his arms around me and buried his nose in my shirt. "Awwww!"  I almost didn't make  it into the Bishop's office for Tithing Settlement!
As for my other investigators... Alan's dog is still alive... yup.  But, Louis has decided he wants to meet with us twice a week so that we can read the Book of Mormon with him.  He wants to finish before the New Year.  I'm excited for him.  We've been really busy with all sorts of stuff - caroling, parties, and just stuff.  So, we haven't had loads of time to get some good work in.
Christmas is just not the same here in England, at least where I'm at.  Sometimes I struggle to remember all the traditions we have back home.  Nobody does Christmas lights around here like we do.  It's so lame.  And they all think that in order to have a good Christmas it has to be all cold and snowy.  Nope, I don't believe them!  I guess that's just a bunch of crazy British thinking.
I can't believe Christmas is next week.  That's just crazy!  Time is flying by so fast!
Remember, I need Bro. Yamamoto's and Bro. Blaylock's email, and maybe even Cedar and Courtney's address, okie dokie?  Am I forgetting anything?  Alright, picture time. This my Aussie friend Elder Cullen on the train.  He likes to knit, haha.

I love you guys so much!  Count your blessings this Christmas 'cuz they are many!
Elder Glasgow

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