Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Dear Family,
I just love all your letters every week.  They mean the world to me.  It's all just great!
What the heck?  Chase it going to Winter Formal????  Who asked him out???  That's so wierd.....
I'm glad to hear all you guys are having a wonderful holiday.  The last week has been pretty great for me and Elder Rogers.  We taught 35 lessons!  Yah, it was great.  Theres' a new housing development that was just built in the last year and no missionaries have knocked it yet and its just chalk full of families!
Matthew is doing great.  We've taught him almost everything.  We just need to wrap up a couple of the commandments.  He is amazing, though.  He doesn't have any concerns!!  It's just crazy!!!
Cool story - the other night he confessed to us he went out drinking. (yeah, I know, naughty Matthew)  He had a couple drinks and was heading home on the bus.  Then a fight broke out between two girls.  They were punching and pulling hair and everything.  So, Matthew tried to get up to stop it but he couldn't!  He had no power or energy at all!  The best part is he took it as a sign from God that he will not receive strength to do the things he has to do if he does not obey the Word of Wisdom.  Soooo cooooool!  I can't wait for his baptism on the 21st!
We're teaching quite a few people right now.  Three of them are basically homeless.  One is this older Hungarian guy named Stephen.  He's a champ.  And Jorrie is a younger lady who's had a pretty rough life. And then there's Aaron, an 18 year old young man.  Teaching all these people has really humbled me.  I have a wonderful home, and a loving family that lives and loves the gospel.  I count my blessing every day.  We're still teaching Alan, too.  His dog is still alive but she's in a rough place right now.  Still, Alan accepts all that we're teaching him.  He's really cool, too, and has loads of great stories.
On the Island, the activity rate is right around 33%.... which is pretty terrible.  It's nothing like London, though.  They are at about 5%.  But there's over 300 members on the Island and only about 100 come to church every week.  It's rough going finding them, too.  Some are really nice, though.  We've found a few and we work with them every week.  I could see a couple coming back pretty soon.
The best part about this coming week, though, is I get to go to the Temple!!!!!  Yup, I'm excited!  And I get to spend the night with the Elders in Portsmouth, again, because we have to hop on a train at 6:50am in the morning from Portsmouth and Southsea all the way to East Grinstead.  It's like a 3 hour ride.  But, we also get to have a Christmas dinner with President and Sister Millar!!  It's gonna be great.  I'm excited.
Alright, Britnee, here is my take on Mosiah 4:27.  I really love this scripture.  I'm trying to center my mission around it.  Okay, there is an order to everything, and you have to follow it.  If you are organised you don't need to worry.  But, it also says, ''it is not requisite that man should run faster than he has strength''.  That right there is the kicker.  You have to know how fast you can run before you realize your limits.  You have to push yourself as far as you can go; as far as you have strength, then you see how far you went.  That's where organizing yourself comes in.  You see your limit, then you prepare yourself, organize, then you exceed the limit.  You're welcome.  If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.
The work here is going great.  I am loving it so much.  I learn so much from those I teach everyday.  It's so great to hear from you guys and I can't wait to see your faces on Christmas Day!!!
Love, Elder Glasgow

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