Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 1, 2014

Dearest Family,

I have now made it through 4 days here in Welling. It is such an adventure.

I don't actually live in Welling.  I live just south of the river Thames in a place called Woolwich (pronounced wool-itch).  There's probably some bits in the news about it every once in a while.....sadly not good news, if you know what I mean.  We live just 5 minutes away from a Mosque and there are churches everywhere!  So I'm in the Maidstone Zone, which is the farthest East Zone and my area is the most West of the Zone, so I'm the only one in actual London.  Woolwich isn't exactly too touristy at all..... nothing like Oxford, haha.  But, if we get permission from the ZLs we can go to the Wandsworth Zone (South London) and if we call up President he will let us leave our mission to go visit Central London, to see the more famous Landmarks, but that won't be for a few weeks.

Woolwich is really really busy with a lot of suburbs.  It's pretty dodgy in a few places, too.  But most of the people here are actually pretty nice.  They're willing to talk.  I love it more and more the longer I am here. 

The Ward is pretty awesome, too.  About half of them are African.  They make good food.  Plantains and Gelaf rice and chicken and all sorts of African stuff.  It's all real spicy, too, and I like it. 

You'll never guess!!  The Bishop is Mark Manning and he has a mormon.org profile. hahahaha.  Check it out.  It's so cool. 

My companion is the best. He's from central China.  I'll send you guys a picture of him.  He's so funny.  He talks a bit like an American though because all his comps have been American.  He's been here for two transfers, now.  

My District is only 4 Elders, though.  Just me and Elder Ye, and then a really big black Elder from Paris, Elder Embulu, and then another Elder from Belgium, Elder Da Bisschop.  They're all really good guys.  It's weird being in a small District again, though.  District meetings will be interesting. haha. 

So the week before I arrived here there was 4 baptisms, so Elder Ye and I are working with all of them now.  My favorite is this really nice Chinese family.  The mom has still not been baptized but her two daughters who are old enough were, and the youngest son will be baptized when he turns 8.  We just extended a baptismal date to the mom, Du, yesterday, though.  We're going to get her in the water on the 13th of this month. I hope she makes it. 

Our investigator pool isn't too massive right now, so we'll be finding a lot this week. But I have great expectations for the work here. 

It's so fun to be around Elder Herrod, too.  All 6 of us, my District and the ZLs, are in the same Ward, so I get to see him often. Today we'll be heading to Greenwich so I should be getting some great pictures to send next week. 

CRAZY STORY FOR YOU GUYS!!!! So on Tuesday, my last day in Oxford, Elder McCammon and I decided to go knock some doors around C.S. Lewis's house.  We found the actual house and so we knocked and a guy answered and we taught him!!!!  Sadly, he's leaving in a week.  But I taught a guy in C.S. Lewis's house!!!!

It's so great to hear from you guys. I love and miss you all. 

Elder Glasgow

(I was in Oxford Feb 6 - Aug 27, 2014.  pic of my last day in Oxford. )

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