Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Dear Family,

Flippin' Heck! That's a baby! And it was born! And I'm 5000 miles away so I just have to sit here at this computer and wonder what it was like for all you guys. It feels so strange to think about it. I almost struggle to accept the reality of it all. Aubrey just had a baby. My sister! 

Who took all those black and white pix? Is that like a new fad now? Are they going on Pinterest? I bet they are. All you guys are so up to date on the tech ever since I left.  

Good news! Sometime near the end of the year/into the next, my mission is getting Ipads! I don't know all the details yet. I'm pretty sure they will be Ipad mini's and we'll buy them all individually and then take them home. 

Bad news (there always have to be both, we live in a fallen world, after all) I left my nice winter jacket in Oxford..... yeah. And it's starting to get cold here. Also more sad news, we didn't get to go LARPing, last week. We went to the caves, but didn't have any time for LARPing. The caves are called Chislehurst caves. Maybe dad the history major knows something about them? The are actually chalk mines and were used as shelters during the war. Sadly, we weren't allowed to take any pictures... so i don't have any. You can google it to see what it's like. It's pretty cool. 

Dad- LARPing, also known as Live Action Role Play is...more or less real life Dungeons and Dragons. You dress up in costumes, get fake weapons and then beat each other with them. It's great. It would've been super cool in the caves. We just didn't have the time, but it's okay. 
Grandma is done with her mission???? Where has time gone!!! I'm so old. Do you guys realize I turn 20 in two months? How does that make you feel mom and dad, child number 4 is coming up on the big 2-0h?! Oh gosh. Speaking of birthdays, do you know what would make everything really easy? Just send me letters and some pictures and put the money you would have used on me in my account. I'm realizing that everything in America is more or less here. it just has different names most of the time. And the stuff here is nice and I like it a lot. Like suits... suits here are nice!  We'll save $ on postage.

So John and Tasha weren't able to come to church and we've been unable to meet with them all week because John is always working late. I feel like all they need is to just hear the first lesson and then they'll be hooked. It's just finding the time to sit them down and teach them is the problem. I feel like Du already has her answer. She knows there is a God. She found it a long time ago. She just keeps rationalizing and doesn't accept it. We'll still keep working with her, though, so that her kids stay in the gospel. 

This week I also had to go on a 3-day exchange with Elder Herrod because he got the flu and they still had appointments set up. It was a long three days of practicing the uke and guitar, eating bacon sandwiches.  It was kinda like hanging out with one of my best friends. But now I'm back in real missionary life and I'm pumped for this week. 

Thank you all for the letters. I'm excited for all of you, especially for this new adventure of Aubrey and Tyler, new mom and pop, haha. 


Elder Glasgow

ps, I forgot  my shaver for the three day exchange, and Elder Ye is the best cook in the world!  Mmm-MMM!!

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