Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Dearest Family,

It sounds like you guys have all had quite the week back in the good ol' AZ. Man, I miss that place so much. The Monsoon season is my favorite. And I miss you guys a lot, too. Everything is changing over there and I am missing it all! But it's so exciting to hear all about it. I feel like I'm going to have a really fun time when I am finished here in England. I'm glad to hear Grandma is doing alright. Quite a way to end a mission. I hope I don't follow suit. haha. (Grandma had a little accident - 12 stitches)

I wanna hold that little baby so bad.... I have a new Niece and I don't get to see her! Consider yourselves blessed. She looks so cute and happy, though. Aubrey and Tyler, you're both going to be wonderful parents. I just know it. 

Cami Ray.... is that Tyler Ray's little sister????? Whoa, that's weird. I've gotten so old. Oh gosh. You need to send me some photos of Chase's Homecoming next week. 

So, if I remember right, there weren't many convert baptisms in our ward for the whole 11ish years I lived there, but the moment I go out on a mission, loads of people join the church! What happened? Teach me so I can do it here!!! 

​All the wards in the Stake got reorganized??? That's intense. I wonder what they are all like now. I wish I was still in Oxford so I could talk to Ben Shurtz about it. His home ward, Fairfield, is gone now! Dad, you've been in the Stake for too long. I remember back when you were the High Council newbie. 

This week was pretty good for all of us. John and Tasha couldn't make it to church but we're going to go over there hopefully this week and help them in the garden and cook them Chinese food. It should be really nice and helpful. Our Chinese investigator, Du, the one whose kids got baptized, was there and in Gospel Principle Sunday School class she said she will be joining the church soon! We need to follow up on when that will be. Haha. There was also a Less-Active that showed up. His name is Sean. His parent are from Pakistan and he's been inactive for a long time but some things in his life shook him up so he's decided to come back. We're going to go visit him this week and teach his non-member wife so that she can get baptized and they can raise their daughter in the gospel. That's what they want.  Awesome!!  We also had a dinner appointment with the Eze family, and we're going to teach Sis Eze's brother, now! Part-Member families - Yeah - go for the win!!!

This week I had Foo Foo!!!!! It was soooooo good!  If you don't know what Foo Foo is, it's two things. You have this mashed stuff made out of yams (like the big brown root looking ones) and a stew. You use your fingers to scoop the yam and dip it in the peanut stew - nice and spicy! And there's goat, chicken and turkey meat in there, too. Sooooo good!!

Just so you guys know, I'm the District Leader here. I'm the resident long-timer in the District, a sign that I've been out too long :(

Thanks for the pic of Katie Carroll's reception. Her little Kayden is so cute haha. I just love her soooo much.  And the giant cutout of Dallin.  Nice!! 

Thank you guys so much for the letters. Today I'll be going to Central London, so I'll have some great pics for you guys next week. 


Elder Glasgow

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