Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Dear Family,
I've been asked so many questions this week I don't even know where to begin!
Newton Abbot is sooo beautiful! All of the rolling hills and old buildings and little rivers here and there. I just love it all!
The first few days have been great! Elder Fairbourn has been here about 3 months now. He's a really great guy. He goes home 6 weeks before me though, so I might be finishing him off.
We don't have too many proper investigators right now but there is a super great Ward here. I would say the strongest in the whole Stake. There's about 150 at church every week and there's actually 5 High Councilors from this Ward. Bishop is great. Bob (our ward mission leader) is super solid. He's only been a member for 3 years!
Saturday we got to go to the Temple. It was a great way to start the Transfer. We had about 5 recent converts (one who got endowed) and the rest did baptisms. I got to be a witness and do the confirmations. So cool. I can't even explain what a wonderful experience it was.
So we have 2 sets of missionaries in the ward. There's us, and some Sisters in Tiegnmouth. Right now we have to meet in a school (yeah, its kind of interesting) but we'll be back in the Chapel come June, I think. It's being renovated.
I got to see Stonehenge on the way here! Super cool again. Not a bad pic, huh?
Theres also a Senior couple here. The McBride's. They are great.
We'll be going to Exeter to watch General Conference. Then we'll go to Plymouth the next week for Stake Conference. Pretty close together, but it's happening.  
Ummm.... That's really it. I love it here. I'll get some better pictures next week, though!
Thanks for sending the package. I cant wait!
One more thing, dad, do you wear cufflinks?
Anyway. Love you all!
Elder Glasgow

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