Monday, May 4, 2015

May 3, 2015

Dear Family,

You'll never guess what is happening to me.... I'm getting moved again! Later today I'll be heading over to St. Austell with Elder Lee. Yup. No more Newton Abbot. Even though I've only been here six weeks I am going to miss it dearly. Such wonderful people in this Ward, especially the youth. They are all great. Yesterday we went around and saw about half of them. It was really nice. They were all pretty gutted to see us leave. All of their mothers thanked Elder Fairbourn and I for the positive influence we made on them. It made me really happy. I was suprised when a choice few of them told us directly that they were going to miss us a lot. Some of them can act a little hard sometimes. haha. 

Last night our last stop was at the Miles' house were Ben (he's 16) had out all of his guitars so that we could play a bit. They were pretty impressed with my skills haha. But Ben had a beautiful Gibson Les Paul SGJ. Man, it inspired me. 

We also had a chance to teach James and Anita Gilbert one last time. The lesson was so powerful. We gave them one of the Book of Mormons that the Whiteheads put together (yes, i have been lugging it around this whole time) with a note in it and they really appreciated it. And then we bore testimony of the Savior and how we might forget him, He will never forget us. He has engraved us on the palms of his hands. We also talked about eternal families. I think they are all on the right path. I can't wait to see how they are doing after my mission. I will dearly miss them.

So, ipads should be distributed on Friday? Something like that... 

Thanks you so much for the letters this week. I just love every one. 


Elder Glasgow

A little Missionary Service Project in our Area.

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