Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for the letters and pictures and stuff. I always love seeing them. Everyone has grown up so much since I left. We'll have so much to catch up on. 

I'm glad to hear things are going alright back home. Everyone is staying happy and faithful. Chase, are you sure you really want to finish high school as a Toro? really? really really? Volleyball isn't everything. Think about it.

For Dad I will share 3 miracles of the week. 

1. We had a really great teach with our investigator Antony. He has let us know that his experience at the Temple this Thursday will determine if he will be baptized, or not. He will be taking the 5 hour trip to the temple with Bro. Dean. They will go to the Visitor Center and watch some films, and whatnot. Du, the Chinese Sister I taught back in Welling, in London, was in the exact same situation Antony is in right now. Du went to the temple, watched "Meet the Mormons" and was baptized shortly thereafter. So, let's all have faith in the Temple and the spirit that is there, for Anthony. A prayer Wednesday night for Antony will be good timing on your part.  Thanks.

2. We were out in St. Blazey the other day looking up some potentials. We were about to go to the Valentines, but had a few extra minutes. So we decided, instead of being 10 minutes early to the Valentines, to go knocking. The first door we knocked on, we taught her about Eternal Families and will be seeing her tomorrow!  Our teach with the Valentine's was very good, too. 

3. We are teaching a Seventh-Day Adventist named Dave (not the one whose getting baptized soon). He is quite the Bible scholar and likes to ask the deep questions. But, last week he read loads of the Book of Mormon, and agreed with what he read. We testified of Apostles and Prophets, and he liked it. I then talked about being quickened by the spirit, and it totally made sense to him.  We then read 2 Nephi 32 about pondering these things in your heart, how the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do, and how he needs to pray about all this. And he's also agreed to come to church. Most of our lessons with Dave can be sporadic, and all over the place, but it was a super good teach. Then he opened up to us at the end about how he's uncomfortable with the women ordination thing, and how it's creeping into his church. We shared our take on Priesthood and Ordinations, and he liked it a lot. So, it's been good with Dave.  The Lord was involved in this one!

I thought it was pretty good week. There was some other cool stuff that happened this week but I can't remember it all right now. 

Dave (out baptismal date) is doing alright. We need to teach him about the Word of Wisdom. We might have to move back his date. Let's all pray for him, too.

We also had another part-member family at church! Also, a member invited her sister to church and she should be getting in contact with us soon when her sister is ready for the lessons!

Yeah, I'm feeling better this week, too. My sinuses are calming down, finally.

We should be having interviews with President soon, and Elder Holland is coming to the mission next transfer!!!!! Great News!!!  I'm so excited!!! 

So that's my week!

I love you all!

Elder Glasgow

St. Austell is a pretty place.

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