Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Dear Family,

Thank you all for the letters this week. I don't have loads of time today but I'll try to get through everything.

This week has been pretty good for us. Antony cannot make up his mind so he will not be baptised yet. That's really what it's come to. Yes or no and a confirmation. We had some funny teaches as well with Harry and Dave. They both had had a little to drink before the lesson.... So we taught them the Word of Wisdom! I don't know how deep it sunk in, but it's on their mind at least.

We also met some really cool new people this week. One is named James. Stellar kid. Goes to Uni down in Falmouth and studies Sport Science and wants to be a body builder. We'll be seeing him later this week. We also found a guy named Murray. Does fruit and veg at Asda. But he can only meet on Thursdays.... which is a shame because the next two Thursdays are packed....

Did I tell you guys that Elder Holland is coming on the 12th?!! The whole mission is going. I'm super excited. Round 2 with one of my favorite Apostles. 

Joan is moving along. We really do hope her husband calms down though. It's nothing serious. He just doesn't like us too much. 

We'll see Gwen as well on Tuesday. We're going to be reading the Book of Mormon with her.

It seems like everyone we're teaching just needs a testimony of the Book of Mormon and everything would work out!! But it's just getting them there that's the hard part.... 

Monday we had a really great p-day with the other Elders. We went down to Charlestown. It's where most of "The Pirates of the Caribbean" was filmed. It was a really cool place. Lots of good pictures. 

We also had our last interviews with President Millar. He's such a good guy. I'm going to miss him a lot.  He's going home just a few weeks before me. So, I'll only have about 3 weeks with the new one. President Millar is thinking about sending me a greenie for my last transfer, which I would like a lot. Good motivation to keep me going. But that's really my plan for my last transfer. Make it as spiritual as possible and work hard. 

Have a great week. I love you all!

Elder Glasgow

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