Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Dear Family,

Well. It has come. My last month in the mission. I never thought it would come! Last night I even got a phone call from the Zone Leaders asking me if I would bear my last and final testimony in Zone Conference.... It was quite the killer phone call.

Thank you for the emails this week. It was quite refreshing to hear them. I love all of you guys so much.

​Happy Fathers Day, Dad. You're my hero. 

​So today it is raining..... and the high is 15 degrees Celsius. Thats only 60 in Fahrenheit. So it's June... and still jacket weather. I think I may just have to go for a swim the day I get home to cool down... 

This week has been pretty good for us. We saw Dave at Helena's house and Louise (a recent convert) came along and we all had dinner together. My first Thai Curry. Very yummy. Tuesday we had Ward Council. It was all about Sacrament Meeting and how we need to give the sacrament back to the Savior. I really enjoyed it all. By September all Sacrament Meetings will be the first meeting in the Block here in Europe. Right now we have it last.

We had a good first District Meeting of the transfer and afterwards I got to have Lunch with one of my previous companions and his family, Josh Pulman! He just finished the other week and was down here in Cornwall to do some surfing and they came into St. Austell and took us out to lunch. It was really good to see Elder Pulman again. He's doing really good, too. We also taught the Valetines again and answered a lot of Alfie's (one of their sons) questions. And then they asked too many questions about me and found out I do Parkour. So, naturally, I had to show them a few moves out in the back garden.... they forced me to do it!!!

Thursday we saw Thomas. Sadly, he dropped us. He felt bad that he took time to meet with us but wasn't spending any time with his family. So we forgave him for it. We'll see him around town, though. We also taught Harry again and made some really good progress with his concern with the Word of Wisdom. I understand D&C 89 so much better now! Friday we saw Francis, Emaline and also Antony. We helped him install a window on his house. We're going to see if we can help him again this week as well. 

We also had a really really good teach with a referral from a member of our ward. Her name is Yvette. Val Hawkins has been working with her for quite some time now and she's finally agreed to take the missionary lessons and she is just golden! All of her prayers about the church are being answered and I would imagine she'll be baptized before I come home. She's really great and super prepared. 

We also saw John that day and read the scriptures and then went over to Louise's to help out in her garden with her non member friend. I learned how to do a bit of stone work. It was pretty cool. 

Sunday was mostly finding but it being Fathers Day... no one was out... Oh well. 

And that was my week. 

As for dates and activities and stuff for when I get home, you guys decide what you want to do. I'll work around it with my friends and all that. They don't get priority over you guys. 

Thanks again for the emails. 


Elder Glasgow

Me and Elder Bethers at Hyde Park.  Elder Holland was too busy to be in the pic with us. 

P-Day Caving, spelunking, and crawling around in a dark hole.

Elder Pulman finished his mission a few weeks ago.  He came over with his family, from Wales, to Cornwall for some surfing.  We went to lunch.  We were comps in London a few months ago.  One of my favorites.

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