Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Dear Family, 

Well well well just another three weeks left here on the good ol' mission. Time has flown by much too fast for me. Things are looking good though. All should end well here in St. Austell. 

This week we didn't see everyone we wanted to see but it gave us some good time to go out finding. It can be kind of hard here to find new people. They don't really spend too much time at home or on the streets. They also can be very laid-back. But we did have a good week. Yvette is progessing nicely. We'll be seeing her on Tuesday. She is so prepared it makes her scared so we have to be careful with it all. But she has a very bright future ahead of her. We also made some really good progress with John this week. Once he comes to church he will be baptised. He just needs to get over some depression and fear. He should have come yesterday but he wasn't feeling too good. 
Antony was at church though. He even wore a tie. I was very impressed. We'll see him on Tuesday and help him in his house again and just see how he's doing. 

We also got to be part of a Mormon Helping Hands project this week. We all went to a local park and cleaned it up and did some landscaping. We even had a few non-members come along and get involved. It was really great. I love stuff like that.

Tuesday we also had a Zone Training. I got to give my last Mission meeting testimony. It was not fun. Well, it was a good testimony but I didn't like the fact that I got to do it because I'll be going home soon. 

Also, I figure that because I come home in a few you won't be too bothered that I stop sending photos of me specifically? Cool. I do have some good pictures of Cornwall this week though.

Oh, and to update, I destroyed another pair of trousers.... and my brown shoes have already on their last leg. But luckily there are a few sales going on right now so I'll be making some of my last purchases of my mission this week. Thank goodness. 

Oh, President Millar goes home this Wednesday and Thursday we are having Zone Conference to meet Pres. Gubler. So many meetings!!!

I love you all!

Elder Glasgow

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