Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Dear Family,

Well, I don't have loads of time this week. Plus, I'm on my ipad.  Right now I'm down in Plymouth with my new companion, Elder Bethers. He's from Holiday, Utah. He's been out 10 months. He's a good companion. We'll be spending the whole day here until Elder Douglas comes back from the Temple to come and get us. There are going to be Sisters over in Redruth this transfer, too. It's been almost a whole year since I've had Sisters in the District.

This week has been pretty good. We've found some really good new investigators this week. Thomas is only 22 and we also found a young couple with three kids, Amanda and Collin.

We had some really good service projects with some less-actives in the ward. The Allens' back garden was a massive bramble jungle. We used an electric lawn mower like a trimmer kinda thing to take it all out. I got poked and jabbed so many times! We also helped out a member of the Ward take a load of stuff to the dump. It was good fun. I love doing service.

We had a Multi-Stake Broadcast with Elder Holland, from Edinburgh, Scotland, the same area where Elder Holland was Mission President of, back in the early 90'sIt was broadcast all over Scandinavia and the UK. He gave a really good talk about the Book of Mormon. He speaks with such conviction. It's amazing. We will go to Hyde Park with the London Mission and listen to him. Can't wait!

Dave, the one with the baptism date, got scared off because of the Word of Wisdom. But Helena, a member of the Ward, will keep a close eye on him. Harry is still thinking about it all. He came to the broadcast and enjoyed it but in the end it just gave him even more to think about.

But that's really about it for my week.

Oh, and just so you guys don't worry about me too much, last week I had a good ponder and I decided I'm not worried about coming home and all that. When it comes it comes, and that is life.

Also, I would like to buy some shirts to bring home. And I want to get some stuff for you guys, too Thanks!

I love you guys!

Elder Glasgow 

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